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Fabulous Gifts for Your Niece at Any Age
Gifting is a great gesture no matter who you give to, but when a pretty little thing comes into the world to make you an Aunt or an Uncle, finding a meaningful gift suddenly matters a whole lot more. (By the way, from here on out you are going to be referred to as “Auncle”
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The Niftiest Nephew Gift Ideas
So, there is a new addition to your family and suddenly you have become an “Auncle”. (Of all the words in the English language, there isn’t a gender-neutral one that combines the role of the sibling to your parents, so we got creative. Laugh all you want. Let’s see you come up with something better,
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Gifts Your Mom Friends Will Love You For
Your mom friends are the unsung superheroes of your life. They’re juggling carpool drop-off and pick-up, extracurriculars, responsibilities at home, AND somehow they are still a stellar friend to you. When you call in need of advice, they’re managing a toddler meltdown in the background. And yet, you still have their unwavering care and concern.
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Turning Your Tailgate Party into a 'Homegate' Party
Even if you’re a not big sports fan, it’s hard to hate a sporting event. Guilty-pleasure foods. Color-coordinating outfits (as long as you like your team’s colors, are we right?). Endless camaraderie. With sporting events, there is something to enjoy for everyone. Don’t you love high-fiving strangers in the stands, even if you don’t know what
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Under $50 Corporate Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
Contrary to what you may believe, there is a wrong way to give a corporate gift – even if you have all the right intentions. However, there’s a good chance that if you are spending a fortune on corporate gifts and not seeing a good response. Why? It’s because the intention is what is missing.
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