5 perfect “Thinking of You” gifts for your BFF

5 perfect “Thinking of You” gifts for your BFF

Being a great friend isn’t always easy, but we’ve discovered one sure-fire way to make a friend feel special. It’s personal, easy-to-go and it doesn’t break the bank… introducing Greetabl.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your favorite design
  2. Pair it with a small gift
  3. Customize with your message + photos
  4. We send it directly to your BFF

So… what’s the best way to send a Thinking of You to a friend? We’ve gathered the top ideas to make things even easier.

1. Send Champagne Gummy Bears

Copy/paste this message:

Cheers to one of the best ladies out there… and to the fact that gummy bears now come with champagne in them! Candy sure has changed since we were kids but I hope you never do! Sending love.

Champagne Bears by Sugarfina – $8.50

2. Send a ton of confetti

Copy/paste this message:

To the best bestie there ever was, I’m sorry for sending you a little mess but I’m not sorry for partying. Thinking of you always, and missing everything from nights out to movies + popcorn with you. XO

Blush, White, Black & Gold Confetti by Greetabl – $2

3. Send a cup of love (organic tea!)

I’ve been looking ways to send love to you in the mail forever… finally I can in the form of tea! Drink a warm cup cuddled up in a blanket and relax, you deserve it!

Cup of Love by Big Heart Tea Company – $8

4. Send a relaxing bath fizzy

Copy/paste this message:

When’s the last time you took a bath?! I’m calling it and it’s been too long. This bath fizz pairs well with some smooth jams and a glass of red wine. Hope you come out feeling relaxed!

La Nuit Bath Fizz by Formulary 55 – $6

5. Send a handmade soy candle

Copy/paste this message:

Hey BFF, I thought about it and it turns out I miss you. Thinking of you and just wanted to send a small little something. These candles are supposed to be amazing! Enjoy, xoxo.

Golden Coast Soy Candle by P.F. Candle – $11

See all these plus more options! Check out greetabl.com!