Introducing: The Official Gift of Galentine's Day (and a free surprise!)

Introducing: The Official Gift of Galentine's Day (and a free surprise!)

Greetabl is the Official Gift of Galentine’s Day, and we’re celebrating in a big way with a bigggg Giveaway!! Why are we doing this, you ask? Because it’s our favorite holiday (duh) and we want to help Galentines everywhere show their BFFs how much they care (duh x2).

The most important thing in this life (in accompaniment to the iconic “friends, waffles and work”) is having a strong, dependable community of female friends! And when you have that, you basically have an unstoppable force of love / support / talent / power behind you. It’s the best feeling.

This is the time of year when we get together with our girlfriends and let them know how lost we would be without them.  And for the next ten days (aka Jan. 15-24) you can do so for free!! Yeah, girl, for free!

drum roll, please

500 Free Galentine’s Day gifts!

Here’s how you can be one of the 500 very lucky Galentines:

  • Follow this link at 3 p.m. CST. If there are still free gifts in stock today, voilà, you’ve got one!
  • If the gift is sold out when you get there, it’s okay, you will have 9 more chances to win! The Galentine’s giveaway is running today – Jan. 24.
  • Pro Tip: Make it easy to check back every day by saving the link and keeping yourself posted up next to the refresh button when we release the free gifts at 3 pm CST!

For a little extra insight, here’s Greetabl co-founder and amazing friend, Zoë Scharf, telling you guys about how to get an Official Gift of Galentine’s Day for your bestie:



Xoxo- Greetabl