Exclusive Corporate Gifts Guaranteed to Encourage your Employees

Exclusive Corporate Gifts Guaranteed to Encourage your Employees

Now that so many companies have shifted to working remotely, it is more important than ever that your employees know how much you appreciate them. Working from home does have its advantages, and there has been much evidence that it contributes to more productivity, however, the lack of human connection does play its toll. When we have to be apart, a thoughtful gift can help to make us feel closer- so when a small token of appreciation arrives in the mail, it is guaranteed to make your hard-working WFH employees’ day!

It’s not always about money.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a paycheck and paid benefits are enough for your employees. Even cash bonuses are less meaningful than a well-thought-out employee gift. Studies have shown that routine employee gifts functionally pay for themselves because they result in more motivation and productive capacity from your staff. 

In a world where finding good talent is as difficult as it is to keep them on payroll, there is a better way to earn their loyalty – and more often than not it will prevent your employees from ever considering jumping ship. 

It’s no secret that happy employees are productive employees and productive employees are dedicated employees. Making your team feel like they are appreciated, and part of a family is the best thing you can do as an employer. We are here to help you let your employees know that they are valued (and they would be crazy to leave you!

By the way— we are allll about luxury— but we believe that luxury doesn’t have to mean pricey. Besides, inexpensive and thoughtful are far more personal, memorable, and meaningful than a 2% bump in a salary. This is important to remember— especially in those tough “growing pains” years of a business that perhaps can’t afford to offer their most deserving employees a bump in salary. Do not fear, not all luxury gifts have to cost a pretty penny. We’ve got you covered with guaranteed smiles in a box that range from $3- $46 so you can scale your gifts to your budget. 

Practical, stylish, and noteworthy – we’ve got a range of unique corporate gifts that often result in social media praise (never a bad thing for any company!)

Welcome them to the team!

Starting a new job can be overwhelming for anyone, as they get acclimated to your culture and learn what is expected of them. A small message that says “We are so glad you have joined us” also says “We believe in you, and we know we made the right choice when hiring you.” Gifts (and messages) that hold emotional value can be truly uplifting and reassuring for a new employee. 

Sometimes a Sugary Reception is all you need. Welcome your new peeps to the team with something scrummy and sweet. These delectable Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites are certain to be an employee fave. 

Fashionable and Functional. Airpods seem to be getting a good workout these days, with digital remote meetings across the land. Set up your new staff with some style. These cases are vegan leather, complete with cutouts for the charging port, a key ring, and lobster clasp. Pods will never be misplaced (or unprotected) again!

Show a little appreciation.

A heartfelt gift can go a long way with your employees – especially when you are thanking them for a job well done. Consider recognizing their efforts with these delightful gifts. Perfect for when an employee helps you land a big client, goes out of their way to support another team member, or finishes a demanding project. In addition to gifts that celebrate the crossing of a finish line, gifts that encourage and support can be just as cherished.

Pin that Impressive Performance. Let your peeps know that they are totally and completely crushing it with this 1.25″ black and gold enamel lapel pin. Pairs well with: employee appreciation, big promotions, and major accomplishments.

If you’re stressed and you know it, squeeze a balloon. A good way to help someone destress is to recognize when it’s there- and then get that aggression out with the help of a happy balloon! No matter how much you beat it up, it will keep on smilin’. Perfect for anyone who could use a little extra cheer to get them through a difficult season.

Not all Lemons can be made into Lemonade. Some serve a powerful purpose in stress management. Send your hardworking employees a little Lemon Zest to tackle the stress!

Remember them on their birthdays.

Everyone deserves to feel like a superstar for a day, and we’ve got some great ideas to help you celebrate another trip around the sun with your wonderful workers. When it comes to good business practices, the best investment you can make is people.

Put Happiness on Display. Consider something more personal, like a picture frame — paired with a few good memories. Our custom boxes can help you fill the frame with moments not to be forgotten!

A HBD for the Birthday King or Queen. A little birthday treat action is all it takes to give someone a magical birthday.  Guaranteed to keep your employee smiling all day long. 

Acknowledge them when they least expect it.

At Greetabl – we believe that the best gifts come unexpectedly. Catch them doing something right! These are especially fantastic for employees who have been working remotely and need positive accolades to keep them feeling part of the team. Surprising your staff with fortuitous praise can be very encouraging and will help them strive for their highest potential.  

Even queens need some encouragement. Be the most enthusiastic boss around and celebrate every personal triumph you see. Perfect for anyone who needs a little positive reinforcement. 

If you see magic, it’s up to you to call it out. Never pass up a moment to tell someone that they are brilliant. This 3″ keychain is a Greetabl original, made with your best peeps in mind. Made in sturdy enamel, the metallic keychain shines almost as brightly as your top performer.

Anyone can send a gift card…

…but Greetabl is the only way to send a gift card when you truly care. Your employees won’t doubt for a moment how truly valued they are! Perfect for the team that is working remotely, it’s almost as much fun as when you could take the team out for lunch. 

Image of Uber Eats gift card

Encouraging more employee productivity has never been so easy and fun— without a huge time commitment, or breaking the bank. Let Greetabl support YOU while you support everyone else. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and be there for you every step of the way. Get your FREE Corporate Catalog now!