Under $50 Corporate Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Under $50 Corporate Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Contrary to what you may believe, there is a wrong way to give a corporate gift – even if you have all the right intentions. However, there’s a good chance that if you are spending a fortune on corporate gifts and not seeing a good response. Why? It’s because the intention is what is missing. (…and before we go on, please stop spending a fortune on client gifts!)

We’ve said it we’ll say it again: you don’t always need a reason to reward valued employees or clients. The trick is (and we have many to share!) to make the gifts seem off the cuff and inspired by nothing more than thoughtfulness. But when in reality, each and every gift should be packed with purpose. 

In other words, if you are sending corporate gifts because someone told you it was a good idea, but you haven’t set a direct goal for your gift-giving strategy, you may be burning up your gift-giving budget without any rate of return. No wonder you are frustrated!

Frankly, we do believe that gift-giving is an essential part of building (and retaining!) good relationships with your clients and employees. And we want to see every gift you send matter in a big important way. Seriously, it’s what we live for. We know. We’re nerds. Your point?

You need an edge when it comes to gifting.

There are several reasons why aiming for less than $50 is good for your business and it’s not only to help you not break the bank. It’s also because you could qualify for a nice big tax break for each and every gift you give. Yep. Your bookkeeper and accountant will be singing your praises. (You’re welcome).  When you understand the system, you can get a tax write-off, making corporate gifts even more of a profit inducing tool. Greetabl makes it easy to comply within the IRS threshold limit by offering a large range of gifts under $50, plus we do what we can to keep you savvy with the regulations.

Stand out in your client’s mind AND in their mailbox

There’s really no big mystery for great corporate gifting on a shoestring budget. At Greetabl, unique and memorable gifts are just a mouse click away – gifts that are inexpensive but NOT undervalued – and always aim to create lasting impressions.

Define Your Goals

Why are you gifting? And don’t say it’s because you want to be nice. That is nice. But nice isn’t a good business strategy. You need to be more than nice. 

Ask yourself if your reason for sending a gift is to: Increase brand awareness? Boost morale for your brand ambassadors? Boost productivity for employees and vendors? Increase your sales? Strengthen current relationships or build new ones?

Where so many businesses go wrong is that they fail to consider where their gifting recipient falls in the business cycle. In other words: if there is a call to action, what is it? And more importantly, does your gift provoke the right response?

Nurture them with Nature

Plants are often overlooked as a great corporate gift, but don’t rule them out. Especially pleasant for employees, plants signify growth and stability– not to mention they lively up any work space. 

Delight them with Digital Accessories

☞  USB Drives

☞  Cable Organizers

☞  Phone stands and holders

☞  Calculators

☞  Airpod Case

We’re pretty partial to this Vegan Leather Airpods Case. For only $24, it’s smart, stylish, and thoughtful. Great for employees, colleagues, teachers, or anyone who is a little bit fancy. 

Sweeten up their Day with Something Scrummy

🍬  Box of Toffee

🍬  Large Caramels Box

🍬  Peppermint Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Guaranteed to give them a sugar high and a smile on anyone’s face, we’ve got lots to choose from with prices just $5- $12. 

Impress them with Practicality

☞  Journals

☞  Notepads

Positive and Productive

A little pad is meant for big things. This 3×3 habit tracker is perfect for on-the-go tracking. Your go-getter friend can keep track of water intake, exercise, mood, and more. It comes with 25 weekly sheets to help them stay focused on what really matters!

Create a memorable experience with your gift. Whether you are looking for raffle prize ideas for under $50, or just something unique and practical, remember that the experience of opening a gift is every bit as important as the gift that is inside the box. Greetabl has mastered the full gifting affair, and we’d love to show you how we can boost your bottom line with our corporate catalog