17 Creative Direct Mail Marketing Examples

17 Creative Direct Mail Marketing Examples

In today’s market, consumers are bombarded with messaging and advertising nearly everywhere they look, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your direct mail ads stand out in a crowded mailbox. The good news is that direct mail has come a loooong way from oversized postcards and weekly sales circulars. If you’re looking to take your direct mail advertising to the next level, use these 17 creative direct mail examples as inspiration for your next campaign.

1. Mini Bluetooth Speakers from Acoustic

DemandTec by Acoustic uses mini bluetooth speakers in a custom Greetabl gift box to book meetings with prospects. This example shows how you can extend your brand to every aspect of the direct mail campaign, from the messaging to the colors of the packaging.

Read more about how Acoustic achieved a 25% conversion rate in the full case study.

2. ADT Pop Up Box

ADT slid a piece of mail under doors of apartments. After the flat box was slid under the door, it would pop up into a 3D box and on one side was written “BREAKING INTO YOUR APARTMENT IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.”

3. Heinz Ketchup Puzzle

This unique and creative direct advertisement was created by Rethink, Canada for Heinz. If you are looking for creative ways to engage your audience, sending them something that provides a tactile and interactive experience is one way to stand out from other ads in their mailbox.

Tactile marketing can improve your digital ROI and provide a significant boost to your marketing strategy as a whole. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, for ever dollar spend on direct mail, $29 in revenue is generated.

4. Tiny Holiday Card from The Shop

To stand out from the typical holiday greeting cards, small agency The Shop, based in Dallas, Texas, created a set of tiny cards to send to their roster of clients.

5. Fir Tree Seed Holiday Cards from Noble Studios

In 2019, Noble Studios sent Noble Fir Christmas tree seeds with its holiday cards to encourage reduced carbon emissions, and to tie its name to the festive holiday season.

6. All-Terrain Manilla Envelope by Lexus

Lexus sent its audience a classic manilla envelope with a twist to create an interactive experience that would encourage recipients to open the envelope. Once opened, recipients were directed to a landing page to enter to win a prize package that tied back to the messaging of the campaign.

7. Bozell’s Excheeriment

Advertising agency Bozell launched “The Great Excheeriment” for a direct mail holiday campaign. They sent each person on their mailing list five pre-stamped Cheer postcards, as well as instructions on how to participate in the excheeriment. Recipients were encouraged to spread cheer by mailing the postcards to their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Upon receiving the postcards, the recipients are prompted to visit https://HereForCheer.com where they can track their locations.

8. How to Cope with Your Current Internet Service Provider

Internet service provider Starry created a zine illustrating all the ways other ISPs let customers down and ultimately showing prospects why they should make the switch to Starry instead. This creative piece of direct mail leaned on humor and creative messaging to stand out from other mailers their prospects were receiving.

9. The World’s Smallest Press Release

To announce Marvel’s Ant-Man and Wasp being added to the Contest of Champion’s game, advertising agency Cossette created the world’s smallest press release, complete with a tiny tote bag and mini posters. Click here to watch the video.

10. MasterCard’s Reverse Advent Calendar

In 2016, MasterCard sent a reverse advent calendar to their partners instead of a traditional holiday card. The advent calendar counted down the days from Christmas to the first January paycheck to help recipients get through the post-holiday slump. Watch the video here to learn more about the campaign.

11. SS+K’s VR Holiday Card

Rather than sending a traditional flat holiday card, SS+K sent lumpy mail including a virtual reality bobsled ride. The card itself turned into a VR headset and linked to the VR experience.

12. Hologram Mail from the Frankfurt Zoo

Within a traditional mailer, the Frankfurt Zoo included a DIY hologram and a QR code that would enable recipients to experience the underwater world for themselves. Watch the video to learn more about how the hologram worked.

13. Holiday Coloring Book Tablecloth

Advertising agency BBDO in Toronto sent their clients an interactive holiday experience instead of a traditional holiday card. This creative direct mail ad included a table cloth with black and white outlines and a set of magic markers so that recipients could spend their holiday meal coloring in the table cloth with their families. Want to do something similar but on a smaller scale? Greetabl offers a color-it-yourself box design that can be delivered as low as $20.

14. Polar Bear Outlet Decals

Greenpeace sent their recipients polar bear decals that could be applied as a cover to an electrical outlet as a reminder to unplug household appliances to conserve energy.

15. Toronto Zoo Panda Cups

Sometimes getting creative with your direct mail is all about the design of the packaging. The Toronto Zoo incorporated design elements to make the simple gift look like the face of a panda. Similar effects can be achieved with design of most packaging.

16. Amazon’s 2020 Holiday Wish Book

E-commerce giant Amazon went old school in 2020 with a holiday catalog, but there was nothing boring about it. Amazon branded the catalog as a “wish book” and included extensive interactive elements throughout the booklet, from a wish list template to coloring sheets and mazes. Peek inside the wish book here.

17. Google Fi’s LEGO Phone Stand Kit

In 2015, Google sent Google Fi subscribers a custom LEGO kit to assemble a phone stand for their mobile device. The messaging tied back to the campaign by saying “Thanks for your support. Let’s built on this.”

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