15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

15 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

We’re willing to bet you know someone who has recently moved or is attempting to buy a home in this veryyy hot market. Interest rates are at record lows and listings are literally going faster than the speed of light. So, if we’re right and you do know someone currently searching for a home, send them a virtual hug… like ASAP. They’re tired. 

If not, you know someone who is using quarantine as an opportunity to undertake those looming home improvement projects. You’ve probably followed along with their progress on IG stories. While sheltered in place, maybe you’ve even provided an opinion or two. C’mon, haven’t we all participated in a poll deciding which shade of Benjamin Moore white they should choose? (Answer: Chantilly Lace)

Changing your address, or renovating your current address, can be pretty draining and exhausting. Once the closing documents are finally signed and all the paint tarps clear out, there is little to no energy left to celebrate. 

Insert you, the ultimate supporter. We believe housewarming gifts are an amazing opportunity to send a little “I am so proud of you!” party to your people. They’ll be so touched that you acknowledged this exciting time in their life, and will appreciate any gesture ranging from small to grand.

Stuck on what to get or where to start? If you don’t want to be quite like Phoebe Buffay and come bearing salt, bread, and a scented candle (our people will get the reference), we’ve prepared 15 simple ideas to make your people feel special during their major #adulting moment.  

#1: For the Newlyweds

Looking for the best housewarming gift for your favorite new duo? Newlyweds adore anything in pairs: a coffee mug set, Mini Copper Mugs, salt and pepper shakers… you get the idea. Sending a housewarming gift in two’s company is a foolproof way to make them feel celebrated in their newest chapter. Bob Eubanks has nothing on you. 

#2: For The Man

Many of the bachelors we know could use something more on the practical and functional side of things for their new pad. To give the perfect housewarming gift for men, we like to keep things simple and classic. We recommend sending a nice bottle of Scotch or the Stone Shot Glass for an item that looks great on a bar cart. 

#3: For the Couple 

Housewarming gifts for an established couple (especially the couple who has everything!) presents a unique challenge. To prevent giving your people an item they already have, we recommend Target or Lowe’s gift cards. While the gift may not feel as fun to you, helping offset the cost of new appliances or furniture is always appreciated. Their cool new velvet chair will thank you! 

Pro tip: add photos to your Greetabl gift to make the gift card feel a little more personal! Grab some photos of the new place from IG, or look back in your camera roll to find some throwbacks to places they’ve lived before. With personalization from Greetabl, gift cards don’t have to be lame!

#4: For the Practical Friend 

This is your friend who has had this moment built into her 5YP. She has every necessary expense line-itemed in her budget. You want to give a practical housewarming gift, but still want the item to feel personal. For this person, we recommend something like a photo frame and picture (check out ours in brass). It’s more sentimental than a blender, but is still totally functional. 

#5: For the First Time Home Buyer

This ultra-special moment deserves an ultra-special housewarming gift. Congratulate the first timers on their fresh new digs with something they’ll see and use everyday. The Home Sweet Home Keychain is a Team Greetabl favorite, and is perfect as a housewarming gift from realtors or lenders!

#6: For the New Neighbor

Welcome the new kid on the block with a thoughtful housewarming gift for your neighbor. You’ll be sending all the Mr. Rogers feels with a gift like soap (we love our Warm Sand Soap!) to place in their guest bathroom for when they host their first neighborhood get-together. Here’s to many beautiful days in the neighborhood to come.

#7: For the Girlfriend

Let your girlfriend know how proud you are of her major accomplishment! Pop some bubbly (or our Champagne Bubbles for less mess on the new floors) to celebrate in style. Go her! 

#8: For the Coworker

Acknowledging your coworker’s personal accomplishments outside of work is what makes you stand out at your job. Something classic, like a candle, is a safe option for those you might not know extremely well. We love the De-Stress Aromatherapy Candle… you know, if you’re looking for recs. 

#9: For the Eco-Friendly

As people grow to consider the ingredients in their products, the demand for eco-friendly housewarming gifts is on the rise. We recommend gifting organic, sustainably sourced towels or non-toxic candles. A favorite of ours is the Soy Candle from PF Candle Co. Their ingredients are thoughtfully sourced to create safe, sustainable products that are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and never tested on animals. All their candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax and cotton core wicks.

#10: For the Long Distance Bestie

We know being far away from your bestie is tough. But when major life events happen, the long distance pain cuts all the deeper. You’d normally be over to eat the first meal in the house together, followed by an air-mattress sleepover. 

Good news: you can still celebrate your BFF and make her feel just as special as if you were there IRL. We recommend sending her favorite food delivery to her new address. Delivery apps make it incredibly easy to schedule deliveries ahead of time, which makes it so simple and easy for you to show up as the amazing friend you are. Who doesn’t LOVE a Postmates surprise? 

We also recommend sending our Wood Photo Stand so she can proudly display your photos together, ranging from images capturing the most embarrassing memories to adorable hugs.

#11: For the Sibling

For better or worse, you spent however many years under the same roof as your sibling. Celebrate life under their new roof with this keychain. Because even though you give them grief and you never withhold brutal feedback, deep down you know they’re actually amazing.

#12: For the Pup Parent

Pets have to adjust to the moving process, too. It’s a lot of new sights and smells in unfamiliar territory. Help ease Rover (and parent’s) nerves with a thoughtful housewarming gift. We love the idea of sending a new doggy bed to relax, or the Adventure Pup Pet Tag to kick off the newest adventure. 

#13: For the Sentimental Person

Your feelings-driven friend has a refrigerator covered in save-the-dates (past and present), polaroid pictures, baby announcements, and party invitations. We think refrigerator magnets are a great sentimental housewarming gift that still feel a bit unique. 

If you haven’t seen our Color Pop Magnets, run don’t walk. Your sentimental friend will greatly appreciate the custom photos inside their Greetabl gift, and will immediately display the memories. 

#14: For the Custom Builder

If you know someone who custom-built their home, chances are they spent extra attention to the heart of the home: the kitchen! Send the best housewarming gift to fire up their new stove with gourmet seasonings and spices. We can almost hear the sizzle and pop coming from the Cowboy Steak Rub

#15: For the Unique Individual

You need a unique housewarming gift for the unique individual, like a garden growing kit or bedside smartphone vase (yes, these exist!). But finding the perfect undiscovered gem doesn’t have to take hours of internet time – Greetabl is a one-stop-shop for your funky friend gifting needs! Send our DIY Balloon Party Garland to get them ready for their first bash in the new place, or the Boho Crystal Keychain to bring good vibes. This person will take pride in anything quirky and different, and will feel appreciated for their spunk.