How to Assemble the Perfect Custom Gift Boxes

How to Assemble the Perfect Custom Gift Boxes

Greetabl is an all-in-one mailable gift that is personalized by you and neatly packaged by us. Then it’s sent directly to your peeps with an easy (and super inexpensive!) online transaction. Doesn’t cost much more than a greeting card… but WAY more fun. Quite frankly, Greetabl is something every person should experience at least once.  If you’ve never been introduced:

Meet Greetabl.

If you are looking for an affordable little gift with a big impact, Greetabl fits the bill for just about every occasion you can think of, as well as some you’ve probably never thought about. Gifting occasions include:

Special Occasions: Birthdays, Congratulations, New Baby, New House, New Job, New Pet, Bridal Party Proposals, Gender Reveals, Graduation, High School and College Exams, and Teacher Appreciation

Holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years

Professional: Client Gifts and Employee Appreciation

Relationships: Missing you, Long Distance Relationships, Encouragement, and Thinking of you

Greetabl is great for competent gift-givers but even better for the dreadful ones. We’re gonna level with ya. We know that some of the kindest people in the world are terrible at giving gifts. They just weren’t born with the gift-giving gene AND every time they try, they break out in hives. (We’re looking at you, Cousin Wilfred.

Greetabl is the total package.

We’ve innovated the personal touch aspect of the gifting experience, and we’ve done it so that anyone can be better at gifting (or at least appear to be…) with very little effort. Your friends and family may even wonder what got into you. 

All the heavy lifting is done by us, including packing it up and waiting in line at the post office. (well… sort of…

We’ll even remind you when you’ve got a gift-giving occasion coming up so you’ll never forget another birthday or anniversary again. 

Easy, Fun and Dirt Cheap! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Build it.

We’ll make you look super creative and thoughtful… whether or not you actually ARE. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a variety of unique boxes to choose from and a plethora of perfectly sized gifts to put in the package. 

Step 2: Personalize it.

Upload pictures, inspirational quotes, or gift cards. Then…say something nice. We’ve even got pre-written messages to help you out if you’re tongue-tied.

Step 3: Send it.

We pack it up with care, ship it off to your person, and give you status updates as your ‘lil box o’ happy travels to its destination.

Step 4: Wait for it.

Hardest part, we admit. But we promise you there will be squeals of delight as soon as your gift arrives… even if you can’t be there to see it. Reactions typically come in the form of Social Media posts, phone calls, texts and “Omg, I love this!!” Just in case you were wondering what to expect. 

I am hooked on Greetabl! It is my go-to gift for everything now. I love how simple the website is to use, the variety of designs and gifts, and the quick service. I have already recommended Greetabl to friends and family. I can’t wait to use it more often!

Lindsay O., Mission Viejo, CA