Exam Gift Ideas That'll Get You an A+ in Encouragement

Exam Gift Ideas That'll Get You an A+ in Encouragement

Encourage the pursuit of excellence and test-taking triumph with a little extra love.  Whether you are looking to send a study care package to stimulate the cerebrum or a post-exam gift to celebrate your superstar student, these thoughtful gift ideas are sure to unleash grit and good study habits. 

Don’t get testy. Students need brain food and we’ve put together some great gift ideas for before and after exam season. Proven to calm pre-exam nerves and confront tests with confidence, we researched the best concentration enhancers and procrastination busters to get them through hell week. 

The Best Items for a School Survival Kit should include:

  • Something to suck on.
  • Something to soak in.
  • Something to escape with.
  • Something to empower.
  • Something to fuel.
  • Something to relax.
  • Something to awaken.
  • Something to nourish.
  • Something to laugh at.

Food for Thought

Overindulge your overachiever with some first-rate brain food. While sugary and salty processed snacks can make study time a little more tolerable, they tend to cause lethargy, increase anxiety, and can lead to higher levels of procrastination. If you really want your student to have a successful exam period, you’ll want to get them through with brain fuel made from the good stuff. 

Choose baskets of fruit, popcorn, trail mix, granola bars, and vegan cookie bars. Healthy doesn’t have to deprive anyone. Thanks to growing health food store chains and Non-GMO products, you can find plenty of snack-worthy options for your savvy scholar.

Load them up with gourmet coffee, organic tea, energy drinks, and a couple of UberEats gift cards

Send them something to suck on. Lollipops, breath mints, hard candy– all help to reduce fidgeting and increase the ability to stay focused for long periods of time. And — get this — gum has been proven to stimulate concentration and improve visual memory tasks. In fact, by chewing gum while studying, and AGAIN while taking the test, students can improve memory recall and calm nerves. 

Prepare them with Positive Performance Presents

Confidence is key. Encouraging words make a difference for all school-aged persons, kindergarten through college. Get creative with some inspirational quotes that can be tagged onto each item, or create some of your own printables. We love sending little “lunchbox” love notes that lift spirits with empowering expressions and are accompanied by funny facts on the flip side. Check out the images (like the one below!) in our Digital Content Library for some quick and easy encouragement:

Text image with the words, "You Rock"

When students feel empowered, filling the brain with knowledge can be less daunting and more invigorating. (Greetabl is perfect to send a personalized message with your gift!)

Destroy those test-taking jitters with a bit o’ leisure

It’s not always easy for the hard-working student to take a study break… so it’s up to you to insist that they do. There is a science to studying and an important part of success as a student is to give the brain essential breaks to recover and replenish.  

Interrupt those all-night study sessions with an Rx of Rest and Relaxation. Doctor’s orders.

Bath bombs, face masks, Lip Balm— all of it goes into the box of bliss intended to boost productivity and positive self-image. 

Super-Duper School Supplies

If you are a school supply addict, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, you’d be surprised how many closeted supply junkies are out there. You know what we mean. There is nothing like color-coordinated pads, notebooks, folders, and pens to create order in a world full of chaos. Round out your Exam Gift Kit with some freshly minted study tools… and suddenly studying becomes much more tolerable. Notecards and Post-its and Highlighters… OH MY! To keep your student’s schedule, be sure to check out this Habit Tracker.  

Don’t forget the doodle pad! Studies show that audio learners acquire large amounts of information through listening while mindlessly doodling at the same time. Who knew?

Study Music Playlist

Finding a quiet place to study these days has proven to be a real challenge during this strange time of distance learning. Whether battling distractions from roommates or library goof-offs, creating a light instrumental study playlist with ambient alpha waves will help to tune it all out and put anyone in the study zone. Look for study music on Spotify made for neural pathways and deep levels of focus …or simply download some spa music. Pairs well with our AirPods case.

Confront Exams with Coziness

Image of You Got This Socks

We’re partial to these comfy confidence socks, but any kind of snuggly attire will do. Oversized tees are never a bad idea and for a little extra credit… a plush toy or blanket is sure to make the grade.