So many reasons to love the Greetabl Gift Box!

So many reasons to love the Greetabl Gift Box!

There’s a certain logic to making the packaging of a gift multi-functional.

Customizable. Affordable. Greetabl.

The curation transpires with just two people: The GIVER and the RECEIVER. 

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but when we created the Greetabl Gift Box, we wanted the entire package… from outside in… to have meaning for everyone involved. These decorative gift boxes with lids, personalization pictures, and delightful little sur-prizes in the middle– are only a small part of what makes a Greetabl Gift applaudable.

Image of two friends laughing

Our curated gift boxes have quickly become so iconic that the joy of receiving the gift begins the moment it arrives. 

We admit it. It’s exactly what we hoped for. The PERFECT PACKAGE.

Image of person holding a Greetabl shipping box and gift options.

Does the box REALLY matter, or is it only what’s inside that counts?

Okay, you got us. We LOVE a good, well-thought-out gift as much as the next guy — BUT —it’s *really* the JOURNEY that counts. 100%. Amen.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re partial to THE WHOLE PACKAGE because it’s in our blood.  

Image of Greetabl gift box (with "surprises rule" on the outside) and gift options.

Sure, we could have designed something that would likely be torn open and then discarded without a second thought…but we know that the best things in life allow you to SAVOR the moment.  

The experience is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

…kinda like the best jokes take time with the details of THE SET-UP before hearing THE PUNCHLINE.

…kinda like the fun of going on a long road trip is THE RIDE before reaching THE DESTINATION.

Oh, yeah. The Box Matters.

We can’t help our emotional reactions when certain branded packages arrive in the mail. We know exactly what it is without reading the label… and that isn’t an accident. Even if we don’t know what is inside, the anticipation begins upon sight of the container. 

Person holding Greetabl shipping box.

The sweetest melons are a tad squishy and aromatic. The juiciest grapes are firm on the outside. And the best gifts are experienced from the moment you lay your eyes on the pretty little box made just for you. 

We can guess by the iconic color when it’s carrying a piece of jewelry (Could it be he’s finally proposing?) 

…or when your online shopping order has been delivered by the plain brown box sporting a familiar arrow (I sure hope these pants fit!) 

…or a heart shaped box that emits a sweet chocolatey aroma (…that one looks like coconut. I’ll have to take a bite just to be sure.) 

…or a creatively decorated Greetabl box with thoughtful messages that fold down to reveal an even more personalized note surrounded with uniquely individualized photos…(Wherever did you find this one of us wearing sombreros in the pool?) …AND… of course, a mini-surprise gift!  

Person opening Greetabl gift.

AND — There’s never been a more environmentally friendly gift box… because it’s so uniquely decorative you’ll never want to throw it away.

It’s a gift where the box is as much of a keepsake as the gift it carries. 

Instagram image of opened Greetabl gift with shipping box and flowers.

If you want to do something a little more congenial than a quick text, but don’t want to break the bank, you may as well opt for a quick and easy gift box delivery…swooning included. 

The Greetabl gift-receiving experience begins from the moment it arrives in your mailbox. 

Let the goodness begin to surface. Start this happy little journey right away!