Gift Guide: Using Greetabl to Grow Your Business

Gift Guide: Using Greetabl to Grow Your Business

As a business owner whose company works with customers all across the country, Career Clarity founder Lisa Lewis is always looking for ways to surprise and delight her clients from afar. Use her tips below to stand out from your competitors as you build your business by sending the most adorably memorable gifts.  

Gift 1: Prospective Client

Just getting to know each other.

Want to let a prospective client know you’re into them, without being too forward? Send them hand-dipped chocolate in the mail to remember you.  

Dark chocolate

Click here to send hand-dipped chocolate.

Gift 2: Brand new client

So excited to do this with you!

If you can’t pop the champagne in person, get your new client a gift that will last a little longer: a cute bottomless mimosas candle. 

Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with candle

Click here to send the best smelling candle ever!

Gift 3: Encouragement

You’re going to get through this!

Nobody is going to be mad about getting “You Got This” socks and a spa gift card in the mail when they’re having a rough week. 

Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with "You Got This" socks, a notepad and pen, and a succulent

Click here to send some encouragement.

Gift 4: Celebrating a Milestone

Woohoo! You are DOING this!

If your client achieved something big, don’t be afraid to celebrate it with them! Rosé rose gummies plus confetti mean a definite party is getting started. 

Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with Sugarfina But First Rose gummies

Click here to send something celebratory!

Gift 5: Wrapping Up

Tied with a bow.

To thank your client for all the work you did together, send them a good vibes heart tray to keep the good vibes going far after your project is completed.

two Heart-shaped ring dish with "good vibes" printed on them

Click here to send some good vibes.

Lisa Lewis is a career change coach and founder of the Career Clarity company. Don’t love your job? Check out or listen to The Career Clarity Show podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.