4 Reasons To Send Gift Boxes to Friends

4 Reasons To Send Gift Boxes to Friends

Happiness is the new black.

Besides the fact that happiness looks good on everybody, there are a million reasons to send someone a little bit o’happy in the form of a curated gift box, but we’ll just start with a few to help you get those creative juices flowing. To begin with, let’s consider the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Think about it.

YOU know how amazing it feels to learn you have been thought of, that you meant something to someone, that your very presence in this world has mattered. It’s ALWAYS nice to be reminded because…let’s face it…we all forget, and lately, we’ve been forgetting frequently. Whether socially distancing or socially media-ing, the lack of human connection has left the best of us feeling neglected more often these days. 

Happiness is some good medicine.

So why not build a gift box for someone who could use a little miracle? The book, A Course in Miracles teaches that miracles occur naturally as expressions of love and are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less. Whatever happiness you’ve got to share, someone out there could really use a custom-made little miracle.

All that doom and gloom can easily be turned around with a little unexpected care gift box. 

AND… there’s no better way to lift your own spirits than sending a bit o’happy to someone else. Here’s a bit of irony for you. You AREN’T alone when you are feeling lonely. (Deep, right?) Chances are, you have a dozen or more people in your life feeling exactly the same way, but it only takes ONE of you to shift that energy into something positive. After all…

Happiness is contagious.

 “When you are feeling helpless, help someone.” – Auyn San Su Ki

"You are so Loved" Greetabl design

The best way to undo your own loneliness is to reach out to someone who might be feeling lonely themselves. Go on, ask any happiness expert (yes, they really DO exist!) and they will tell you that the way we experience the world is a direct reflection of the world within us.  Keeping happiness all to yourself is fruitless. You must share it for it to make a difference.

Still can’t think of a reason to send someone a box o’happy? Let’s get you started with a handful of reasons to send gift boxes to friends:

#1 “Just wanted you to know you were being thought of” Box o’Happy

It’s always nice to learn that you were on someone’s mind and ready-made gift boxes are a perfect excuse to reminisce about the remember-whens. Dig up your craziest moments, the college pub crawls, the old prom photos, the adolescent birthday parties… and use the photos to build someone a joyful reflection of memories. Yes, they really did happen, because there is a box of happy evidence to prove it. (You were SO cute!)

Inside of opened Greetabl gift with chocolate

#2 “A look to the future” Box o’Happy 

Whether an invitation for a socially distant cup of coffee or a zoom cocktail hour, sending multiple happiness boxes – along with a promise to connect is sure to make someone’s day. The act of showing up is a powerful self-statement that you are ready and willing to ENJOY the experience. So why NOT invite your best buddies to join you? Creativity is EVERYWHERE right now, or haven’t you noticed? Online book clubs, Mahjong, Scrabble…even digital escape rooms are all the rage! For your wine connoisseurs, have a socially-safe wine date with these VIRTUAL WINE TIPS! And really, can you think of a more charming way to send an invitation than with a couple of affordable curated gift boxes?

Picture of custom Greetabl images and wine

#3 “A reminder to laugh” Box o’Happy 

They say laughter heals, so send some in a box!  Laughter has proven neurological benefits. Just a simple smile releases a hormone in the brain called dopamine which naturally brings us a sense of fulfillment. Studies further show that when laughter is shared between two or more people, the high on dopamine is accentuated greatly. Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body, strengthening immune systems, boosting energy, diminishing pain, and protecting us from the damaging effects of stress. And it’s F.U.N. (We should have led with that.) 

"You Rule So Hard"

#4 “Celebrate a ‘lil win” Box o’Happy 

There’s no better way to turn a frown upside down– than to focus on the good stuff. An entire shift takes place when we are reminded of what we’ve done RIGHT as opposed to WRONG. Very often it’s only our besties’ words that will help us to be SEEN and VALUED. Even if it’s just to acknowledge another mile run, a job offer, or a congrats on keeping your kids alive another day...these are the reminders we need –and are so much more effective when they come from someone other than ourselves. 

"Celebrate Every Tiny Victory"

Need something clever to say but drawing a blank brain? We’ve got you covered on that too! Check out these great quotes to round out your happy box.