Gifts for Mom: What she wants more than anything

Gifts for Mom: What she wants more than anything

Imagine a gift so precious, so thoughtful, so valuable — a gift that your mom would never think to get for herself. You may be willing to pay top dollar for a gift this good, so it may surprise you to learn that this gift costs virtually nothing. 

But before we reveal the most perfect gift your mom will ever receive, before you understand exactly why this gift is so amazing for her, we need to have a little talk about your mom. 

Mom knows everything about us: what makes us tick, our favorite foods, movies, colors, and music. She also knows things we wish she didn’t know: when we’ve snuck an extra cookie, how to locate something we’ve misplaced (how does she do that?), or when we feel sad (even across the miles). She knows us better than we know ourselves. 

It’s mom’s job to know you. But how well do you know her?

If you struggle to find the perfect gift for your mother, whether on a holiday or on her birthday, you wouldn’t be the first. We know that it feels impossible to choose a gift that will fully encompass what your mom means to you. 

Not to mention it ain’t easy to find a gift for someone who can probably buy anything she needs or wants on her own. But will she? Does she? Just because she can buy something for herself doesn’t mean she will. In fact, most moms never think of themselves first. Some have even forgotten how. 

Think beyond the box.

Flowers and chocolates are nice. So are the personalized picture frames you’ve painted for her every year. And she probably appreciates all of it! But there is something else that she will love even more. Baby, we’ve got the mystery of your mama solved. And when you give it to her, it just might make her cry. It’s that good. 

Are you ready? Time. That’s it. Time for what, you ask? Time to do absolutely nothing. To decompress. To remember who she is. To not think about or do anything for anyone other than herself. If you are a mom yourself, you already get this. On the contrary, if you don’t have kids, you likely don’t understand this at all. (You just have to take our word for it, because we know what we are talking about!)

Time away is a precious commodity that mom will almost never give to herself, no matter how much she craves it. In fact, even when time is given as a gift, she may not trust it enough to take it. So if you really want this gift to matter, you must make it easy to receive.

If you can, give her an entire weekend to herself to replenish and refuel. If you can’t afford to send her to a hotel for a couple of days, see if you can borrow a guest room somewhere. If you have to, leave her the house for the weekend by arranging sleepovers for everyone. Give her an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card to alleviate the time (and stress!) of dinner. Greetabl will even take care of the packaging and delivery for you!

The most important part of this gift is key (so pay attention to this crucial detail): 

Make sure (and we cannot stress this enough!) that you don’t leave her with a pile of things that will need to get done upon her return. She should come home to a clean house, laundry folded, dishes cleaned and put away (in the correct places!), rooms straightened, and bathrooms cleaned. 

In other words, if taking a weekend away means she will have twice the amount of work waiting when she gets back– a price she can’t afford— it may not be worth it to her. She’s gotta be able to trust you on this. 

You heard us correctly. The best gifts for moms are what you take away from her. Take away her worry and her constant need to pick up after you.

How to box up and give the gift of time:

Easy. Pick one. Bath Bomb. Hotel receipt. Spa certificate. A personalized note. (Greetabl is perfect for all of these!)

But to be clear, it’s not about the boxed gift. It’s about what the gift represents. 

It’s not just the bath bomb she will love – it’s her ability to use it without the fear that the world will fall apart while she disappears into a tub of bubbly bliss for a while. That’s the measure of a gift she will really appreciate.

This is far more valuable than those coupon books she never uses because this time you will spell it out for her.

Dear Mom,

This grants you 24 hours away from us and when you return:

✻ The house will be sparkling clean

✻ The laundry will be folded and put away

✻ The dishes will be cleaned and put away

✻ Dinner will be made (and cleaned up). 

✻ Lunches for the week will be made

✻ Homework will be complete

✻ Trash bins will be emptied

✻ We’ll already be bathed and ready for bed

Love, Us

She will probably want the same gift every year. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. Visit to get started on the perfect gift for mom.