How to Spice Things Up With Photos

How to Spice Things Up With Photos

Find Your Focus. Build a Box.

Photographs make everything better. You see, we cannot connect the dots going forward, but looking back… EVERYTHING BECOMES so clear and many times… uncomplicated. Imagine that we have always been traveling to be RIGHT HERE— in this glorious moment in time. No matter how hard we work to create a road map— it’s always a shock when we actually arrive. Photographs remind us how we got here in the first place.

Those captured moments are GOLD. 

Take a look around. Do you see the world through an Insta-lens?

Our lives are filled with surreal take-aways...aaaaaand selfies.

But some photographs are more than snap-worthy. They are S A C R E D. Pictures are, of course, worth a thousand words. But it’s the spark of our most memorable experiences that hold the albums together like glue. Photographs hold history, and they tell the truth (at least the ones that have not been photoshopped…ahem.) That is why gifts with photos are the hottest new way to personalize your gifts.

Like the design of a good meal…PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING.

Image of a woman holding a child

Look no further for the most unique photo gifts! Whether for your significant other, an old college buddy, or a grandparent…these heartfelt creations are sure to wow. When digging through old albums or cleaning out your digital cloud, here are a few things to reflect on:

Hindsight in 2020: (What do you know now that you wished you knew then?)

Black and white photo of a woman smiling.

People are awesome, but it’s no wonder we’ve become disconnected in the digital universe. We are obsessed with a cleaner, crisper, photo-shopped version of ourselves. Filters hide the experiences from our faces, the laugh lines, and the worry lines. Why has it become necessary to erase our lives? There are consequences to forgetting. … REAL PEOPLE in REAL captured moments living REAL lives and having REAL emotional reactions to everything…. represent an opportunity to gain new insight into something that we didn’t know before. Hot Diggity!

A Reason to Reflect. (Look what you’ve accomplished since then!) 

Two people overlook city skyline.

**It is important that we ACT on these moments. They show up so that we have an opportunity to remember them.  Not only for US— but for others. When we dig up an old photograph, we can’t help but be transported back to THAT moment… with NEW PERSPECTIVE (always fun!) The reflections of years past can be the very distractions –or realizations –we need to break out of a current challenge. (Remember when you dated that ONE guy? What was his name? You thought he was the bee’s knees…until you learned that he wasn’t. It’s a good thing, too –or you may not have found your soul mate!) 

Three friends pose at camera.

Photographs remind us of how important it is for us to stay connected with each other…on a personal level. EMBRACE those fears and challenges… and the choice –and desire–to make a difference in this lifetime. Each one of us is filled with experiences and memories that have created and molded us into our true selves. Each person we meet is an opportunity to learn something new– and you never know when you could be meeting your next best friend.

A reminder that you’ve already overcome quite a lot.

We have an opportunity as friends to learn from our experiences and continue to expand and grow. Ultimately WE ARE ALL better for it.

A presence that mattered.

Maybe it’s been a while since you last talked to them…but not since you’ve thought of them. In fact, you may think of them more often than you realize. You know who we mean. 

That teacher. 

That boss. 

That person with whom you shared deep and profound conversations. 

That author or journalist who’s words carried you, shaped you, opened your eyes and GREW you. 

Whoever made a positive impact on your life … they would probably LOVE to learn about it. (Wouldn’t YOU?)

Three friends laughing together.

 **When someone has made a difference in YOUR LIFE— TELL THEM!!! There is nothing more invigorating and empowering than realizing your significance in someone else’s life. The awareness that YOU HAVE MATTERED can create enough positive energy to light up a city. If you are willing to tell someone else what they have meant to you… IT WILL come back to you. Trust and know that.

Own your inner freak.

Two friends laughing together.
Four friends jumping at the beach.

Tragedy + Time = Comedy

Keep those chuckles coming! Some days, it’s the only way to make it through. If you want to survive, you must learn to laugh at the absurdity of your unexpected daily dramas, surround yourself with friends and tribe mates who have been there, done that.  And remember that every new experience is an opportunity for you to become more savvy and fluid. Photographs are the benchmark of your growth and wisdom. Celebrate THAT!!

Brand it. Stamp it. DESIGN IT.

Interior of Greetabl gift.

Choose a theme and make it exactly what you want. Nowadays visual representation is EVERYWHERE, thanks to the digital universe. Images can spice up any box you build.