How to Use Greetabl to Express Your Thoughtful Heart to Your Coworkers

How to Use Greetabl to Express Your Thoughtful Heart to Your Coworkers

Career coach Lisa Lewis knows a thing or two about how to help people find their professional superpowers — she’s supported more than 500 individuals in changing careers! One thing she knows is that empathy and thoughtfulness are often undervalued in the workplace. Want to make work way more fun by bringing more of your caring personality into your role? She recommends you send coworkers these cute doses of Greetabl happiness to help brighten their days and establish yourself as the heart of your team.  

Gift 1: Thank You

Be their most memorable candidate. 

Want to leave a great impression after your interview? Send them a tiny notebook to remember you (and your fun personality) by!

Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with Goals Journal and pen.

Click here to send the Thank You gift.

Gift 2: Congratulations

Woohoo! She got the job!

Whether your friend lives nearby or across the country, you can totally celebrate with her by sending her these champagne gummy bears and gift card.  

Image of Greetabl gift box picture cards, a mini bottle of Rose, and champagne flute full of gummy bears.

Click here to send the Congratulations gift.

Gift 3: Hang in There

That job didn’t come through. 

Hang in there: this soothing face mask will help your friend get through this dip and get back on her way, looking and feeling her best. 

Blue and white gingham table runner with a Soothing Clay Face Mask and bath salts displayed on top.

Click here to send a Hang In There gift.

Gift 4: Nice work!

For the coworker who goes above and beyond.

Want to acknowledge someone pulling more than their weight, but can’t give them a bonus right now? Send a “You’re Actually Amazing” keychain and a Starbucks gift card. 

Yellow You're Actually Amazing Keychain in a white hear-shaped bowl with a notepad, pen, and caramels.

Click here to send a Nice Work gift.

Gift 5: Happy Birthday!

Birthdays don’t stop just because you’re on work travel 

If you’re part of a distributed team and your favorite coworker is based in a different timezone, don’t miss her birthday: send a tiny pinata from wherever you are! 

Greetabl gift box pictures with a Mini Donkey Piñata and Mouth Party Caramels.

Click here to send a birthday gift to your fave!

Lisa Lewis is a career change coach and founder of the Career Clarity company. Don’t love your job? Check out or listen to The Career Clarity Show podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.