The Wacky Wonderful World of Mail

The Wacky Wonderful World of Mail

I love mail. You love mail. We all love mail. Somewhere around our second or third year as a little human, we discovered the glory and splendor of the mailbox. 

It wasn’t yet filled with gobs of annoying junk or bills…at least not with our name on it.  But by then we had learned to write our own name and —even better— recognize when someone else had written it on an envelope or package. Oh, Goody!! A PACKAGE…. FOR ME.

Whaadya say we get back to the simple things. Be childlike. Mail something. Go CRAZY.

Penning’s got Perks!

Research shows that writing on a piece of paper — and sharing a story with someone in YOUR penmanship (your unique voice) –brings chaos into clarity and tranquility to the troubled. If journaling for ourselves is therapeutic then doing it for someone else is downright restorative. What makes us happy, makes us … BETTER…all around. Making a gift with your hands – even something as simple as putting a pen to paper is edifying for the soul …AND IT’S F U N. (Who’s not in the mood for mailable fun?) 

Spontaneity is swoon-worthy.

Being a fast keyboard typist is impressive, but nothing about it feels as personal as an old-fashioned written letter. Got some extra time on your hands these days? (Don’t we ALL?) Instead of binge-watching Friends (again??) break out those crayolas and create something that feels like a sin to throw away. Give yourself permission to get lost in your own doodles, unapologetically. 

Image of coloring book page
Image of colored envelope

Just incase you forgot how to WRITE WITH A PEN…

You get to mess up and improvise.  Go ahead, cross out a mistake and simply write the correction above…like we used to before autocorrect. Use carrots to elongate an afterthought and doodle butterflies and flowers in the margins. Make your scribbles REAL, MESSY …AND HUMAN. 

Fold that puppy up like you are secretly passing a note in High School Algebra.  (You REBEL!)

Image of hand written envelope

Not artistic? Not a problem.

Color code some famous quotes on the envelope. Favorite song lyrics. Funny jokes.  LAUGH a little, for goodness sake. It’s good for the inner being.

🎵 Bring back…bring back…bring back my penpal to me… to MEEEEEE 🎵

Collection of handwritten letters

Share your mind.

A well-written letter just might become one of the more meaningful gifts you’ll ever give.  You may not remember who gave you that keychain or picture frame, but you’ll cherish a good letter. Handwritten prose has the ability to become historical documentation and carry legacies. What gift could ever beat that?

Fatten that package up with gifts that are FLAT.

How much can you stuff in that envelope? Real life photos (yes, they still exist!) a small wad of cash (Hey dollface, go buy yourself sumthin’ pretty), or a bold and brassy bumper sticker that equates you with a shared cause (I break for Donuts!)

Want more? Oh, we got ideas coming out of our ears on this one. Check out these great lightweight gifts to send by post:

  1. Pressed leaves or flowers.
  2. A small packet of plantable seeds. 
  4. A crossword or Sudoku puzzle
  5. Flat Origami 
  6. An interesting newspaper or magazine clipping
  7. A recipe
  8. An air freshener
  9. Decorative magnets
  10. A handmade friendship bracelet 
  11. A page out of an adult coloring book
  12. A pad of customized sticky notes
  13. Packets of Hot Chocolate
  14. MadLibs!!

You may think this list is a little childish… WE say there is no such thing. If anything, the world needs more silliness and simple to counterbalance the serious and strenuous. Get STAMP HAPPY!