Fabulous Gifts for Your Niece at Any Age

Fabulous Gifts for Your Niece at Any Age

Gifting is a great gesture no matter who you give to, but when a pretty little thing comes into the world to make you an Aunt or an Uncle, finding a meaningful gift suddenly matters a whole lot more. (By the way, from here on out you are going to be referred to as “Auncle” because we are clever that way… and maybe a bit lazy…) 

Whether you are looking to give something special to a baby girl, a tween, or a teen, make no mistake, if the gift comes from you – her doting Auncle – it should express just how much she means to you. 

Starting Today and Throughout Her Lifetime

Family traditions are a beautiful thing and while your family may not have any to speak of right now, welcoming a little lady into the tribe is as good a time to start as any. 

The role of an Auncle should be a loving and nurturing one, but even more than that, it should be cherished. You and your sibling have an opportunity to create a village… sometimes building the very foundation of family roots from the ground up. It is a privilege and a blessing to be a part of a young girl’s life. As her Auncle, few might criticize you for being scarcely involved in her life… because if she isn’t your child, she isn’t your responsibility to parent. But as the sibling of her mom or dad, being in her life is a privilege and you have the chance to contribute positively to her upbringing. Don’t squander any precious moment with her. 

How to Be a Positive Presence in Your Niece’s Life

Your role is EASY. It’s more fun than being a parent and without all the messy stuff. But, it’s the messy moments that your role as Auncle will mean the most to your niece. Through the years, you may find that you are the one she goes to when she needs some adult advice without judgment. Auncle’s can get away with telling hilarious (and embarrassing!) tales of her parents, one’s that remind her that her Mom and Dad were kids once too. There is value to these narratives because offering them will open up a world of unwavering trust between you and your niece. 

Adopted Aunts and Uncles

Being offered the role of Auncle when you are not blood-related is a terrific honor, and not terribly uncommon. Many cultures adopt this custom for friends of the family that are so close, they might as well be family. These days, sisters from another mister, and brothers from another mother are more widely accepted because families have become more dispersed around the world, or sadly, estranged from one another. Starting a new family can spur an eye-opening realization that unless family members are hand-chosen, their child might grow up without having the presence of close relatives in their lives.  Or perhaps you have been given the title of Aunt or Uncle because her parents want to teach her early that you are an important friend— more important than most. 

Gifting Traditions for your Niece

Collectible keepsakes are never a bad idea, and you can start anytime with a commitment to carry through each year. We don’t mean to be biased, but we happen to love these holiday photo ornaments that can hold annual photos for each year of her life. What’s more, these brass photo frames can be used similarly with birthday gift boxes that can be personalized with detachable photos of your niece, or the two of you together. 

Books with hand-written transcriptions have been a lovely Auncle tradition in many families or an elegant bracelet with hand-picked charms.  However, themed gifts can be the most fun to anticipate at the same time each year. 

We once heard about a baby girl named “Lucy” who, since her first birthday, has received “Lucille Ball” collectibles, toys and gag gifts with a cleverly written note about her celebrity namesake. Now that she’s a teenager, Lucy appreciates these gifts from her non-blood-related uncle more than ever, and she proudly displays each one. 

Of course, we love Greetabl for your niece’s gift (any occasion, really – or even just because). There is no shortage of designs to express your love for the special little lady in your life.

Check out Greetabl gift box ideas for your niece at any age

Rainbow Party Print

Image of Rainbow Party Print

Little Bitty Pretty One Print

Image of Little Bitty Pretty One Print

Hello Sweet Baby Print

Image of Hello Sweet Baby Print

Special Person Print

Image of Special Person Print

Watermelon Print

Image of Watermelon Print

Coloring Sheet Print

Image of Coloring Book Print

Greetabl Gift Ideas For Your Baby or Toddler Niece

Baby Hat

Image of Baby Hat

Her first stylish hat, there won’t be a person that doesn’t turn and gush upon sight. Sure to be cherished forever, this classic cable knit baby hat will be quite a keepsake. Made from 100% cotton in a soft colored hue, it’s the kind of gift she’ll want to save for when she’s old enough to remember.

Baby Balm

Image of Baby Balm

Keep that gorgeous baby skin impossibly soft and the object of envy for many years to come. This organic Baby Balm works great on diaper rashes or sensitive skin. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and handmade in the USA. Don’t be surprised if Mom tries to steal a scoop (or nineteen) for herself. 

Kids Sticker Set

Image of Kid Sticks Set

Happy stickers like these are a timeless gift for any age. Round out your niece’s gift box with these die-cut stickers that are made of waterproof vinyl and work well on laptops, water bottles and school binders. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays… or actually… you don’t even need a reason to send some happiness that sticks.

Greetabl Gift Ideas for your Teen or Tween Niece

Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

Image of Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

It’s hard to top a fresh new bottle of nail polish— unless it’s a nail polish that you can make yourself! Your niece will want to jump right into this exciting project the moment she receives it, but it would be wise to give her mother a heads up before it arrives. 

To the Moon and Back Tattoo

Image of Infinity "To the Moon and Back" Tattoos

The love you have for your niece spans the galaxy. This temporary tattoo is complete with an infinity sign that has the words, “to the moon and back.” and makes a great gift for your favorite niece. 

Ice Cream Money Coin Pouch

Image of Ice Cream Money Coin Pouch

Pretty, Pink and Vintage, this classic keychain will keep all her coins, cash, and secrets safe…even all the secrets that she doesn’t share with her Auncle.  With a squeeze-to-open closure, the Ice Cream Money Keychain can be used as a coin purse or accessory.

XO Friendship Bracelet

Image of XO Friendship Bracelet

Perfect for the little girl who is becoming a little lady. Stylish and adorable, this beaded bracelet is 14k gold filled hardware, handmade, and measures 7″.