Quality time. It’s Personal.

Quality time. It’s Personal.

We are busy peeps….we get it. On a good day, we barely have time to cross off all the items on our “to do” list, let alone build in quality BFF time and check-in phone dates with mom. (Well, when WAS the last time you called?) But research shows that even a small amount of time … just 10-15 minutes to engage and connect to a person we love can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem, productivity, and mental health.

Quality time for a quick fifteen!

The team at Greetabl is going nuts for all the creative ways that our gifters are making their friends and family gush! Now that fall is around the corner and we are attempting to scale back our playtime, QUALITY is Key!

It turns out that PERSONALIZING your experiences as often as you can squeeze them in around busy schedules — a happy little distraction or two of only 15 minutes– fosters improved brainpower and a boosted immune system! (Take THAT COVID!) These mini-personalized moments have proven to be SO valuable… that we may even start to enjoy staying safe at home (shhhhhh. We won’t tell…)

Oh… the irony.

Tell your peeps how much they mean to you in just 15 minutes with… (drum roll)… a cheap box. (wait, what?)

When it comes to personalized gift giving, let’s face it, most of us DO NOT deliver something EVEN REMOTELY as exceptional as the person we are giving it to. 

I mean, sheesh… there are only so many creative ways to say “I’m thinking of you” and  we are all guilty of spending WAY too many nano-hours searching for the impossibly perfect way to say it. So… we end up NOT saying it at all, or saying it in a way that feels forced, awkward, and thoughtless. No wonder we “forget” so many birthdays! (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…)

Greetabl Has Your Back!

Helping you navigate your way through countless possibilities — and find the words to flawlessly translate what your (INSERT HERE: boyfriend / mom / dad / BFF / summer fling) has meant to you — IS WHAT WE DO BEST!! (Go on, take advantage…we don’t mind…)

Review that says, "Thank you, Greetabl, for helping me be the most considerate lazy friend."

THIS is the year you get it right.

Warning: Your friends and family *might* just wonder what has gotten into you. (who are you and what have you done with my cousin?) 

It couldn’t be more of a cinch. Simply follow the Greetabl Gift Box Builder to create a sincere and expressive presentation that is sure to drop some jaws (and if you’re REALLY good, cause a little harmless blushing!) snugly fit into just 15 minutes. 

Click. Bam. Thank you ma’am.

Your friendships + Greetabl builders = Extra Special Occasion… Every. Time.

Intention isn’t always enough, but in this case, you don’t need much more than that. If your heart shows up, we’ll make the rest easy-peasy. Even if you are really  GIFT-GIVING CHALLENGED– we don’t judge. Everyone is welcome in the Greetabl-verse. Don’t hold back…Become the creator of something disruptive, exotic, and awe-inspiring. You may even surprise yourself with how inventive you can be with the tools we’ve laid out for just about any occasion.

(And don’t say we didn’t warn you… the process of creating these personalized gifts are VERY ADDICTIVE!) 

Jump in and experiment now to:

✔️ Tell mom and dad that although you didn’t appreciate them when you were a kid… you certainly do now that you’ve got kids of your own! (Was I REALLY this difficult?)

✔️ Make amends with a friend after a disagreement that —as it turns out –isn’t worth a lost friendship. (I miss you so much, I don’t even remember what we were fighting about. Do you?)

✔️ Thank a recruiter for seeing you, believing in you and always having your back. (It’s easy to become emotionally drained when searching for a job, but you keep me on task and ready for all possibilities!)

✔️ Send a note of appreciation for your kid’s teachers (I had no idea what you had to put up with everyday now that we’ve participated in distance learning! Why didn’t you tell me that my son is no angel?)

✔️ Congratulate a good pal for completing a marathon! (or graduating college, or getting through chemo-therapy, or reaching 100 days of sobriety…)

In the meantime:

✔️ Bolster your own creativity and sense of adventure

✔️ Improve someone’s sense of worth/esteem/well-being

✔️ Strengthen your relationships

✔️ Get addicted! (We won’t blame you. We’re all a little obsessed with the possibilities!)