The Case For Snail Mail When You're Feeling Faraway

The Case For Snail Mail When You're Feeling Faraway

See, there’s this thing called a stamp…

It’s been a TOUGH year. Social Distancing, Distance Learning. Working Remotely. Not seeing friends. Feeling isolated. 

You can’t hug a zoom, touch it, or smell it. Or taste it. What’s the opposite of sensory overload? Sensory underload? Something like that. 

We’ve gotten so good at replacing where we CAN’T be in-person with digital versions of ourselves…we’ve almost forgotten there is another way to connect: with our mailboxes! No, not your Email box, silly. (How old ARE you anyway?

Time to get reacquainted with the post office. 

Take a break from digital and become a dynamo gift-giver. Surprise someone with something Tangible. Even – and especially when – you are separated by physical distance. Too much hugging is frowned upon these days… but without that real-life TOUCH and human connection we tend to fall apart. 

We are grateful for technology, too. It makes the inevitable distancing a bit more bearable — but it’s not enough. Sometimes you just want to hang out with your peeps. Have a laugh. Go on an adventure. Remember that you’re ALIVE again. 

The silver lining with where we find ourselves lies in the creativity of the situation. We can still surprise AND socially distance without a screen. Sending a surprise ‘Hello!” can make anyone’s day— and it will lift your own spirits in the process. 

Two birds. One Stamp.

"I Really Miss You" Greetabl design.

When you need a little bit of comfort, mailable gifts are a sure way to bring out a smile. These gift boxes are perfect for far-away friends and family. Round it out with a delightful message, a few photos and a mini-surprise gift, and you’ll have them singing a happy tune the rest of the day. 

Greetabl gift opened with "I Miss Your Face" design.

Cue the Confetti! It’s Party Time!

Have you noticed all the creative ways that people have been celebrating these days? Pandemic Shmandemic— when we’re in the mood for a party, nothing can stop these dancin’ feet. 

Image of bowl of confetti

Crafted on textured paper in a little rainbow of peach, charcoal, ivory and gold, this pack of confetti is sure to work wonders on a case of the doldrums, but we say it’s perfect for any reason, anytime. Measuring just about one cup, it’s a perfectly packaged way to throw a party for one.

In fact, there has never been more of a NEED to celebrate our big days than when we’re confined to our homes.  In fact, birthday parties are NECESSARY bright spots in a time of change and dismal uncertainty. 

Remember when singing Happy Birthday was more than a song to wash our hands to for 20 seconds?

We’ve seen it all –Birthday car parades, socially distant fireside chats and — of course — you can never go wrong with a clever yard sign.

GIF of person opening up a birthday Greetabl gift with confetti

Surprise your BFF with a little R&R! 

A clever spa day can start with a surprise bath bomb or some decadent delights. Send her troubles away with this mellow and relaxing Milk Bath Bomb infused with a blend of coconut, vanilla and cream, and a whole lotta love!

Image of Greetabl gift opened with bath bomb.

Until we find our way back to one another, take advantage of the post office. We certainly are!