The Day-Changing Magic of a Sendable Gift

The Day-Changing Magic of a Sendable Gift

Someone in your life needs a pick-me-up. Right now.

You have many reasons to send someone some happiness in the mail– because so many people could certainly use it —like yesterday. 

Trust us. We are happiness experts. Our job is to recognize where there is a lack of happiness and then fix it. 

It starts with YOU.

Who do you know who could really use some support, a cheerleader, a little bit of love?

These days, you don’t really need an excuse to send some compassion. Don’t wait for birthdays and holidays when you can be there for someone TODAY. It’s the moments in-between the holidays and celebrations that have people feeling low… and it really is tough for so many right now. 

Image of two Greetabl gifts, the Rose Face Mask, and custom photos torn out of the Greetabl gift.

We know you see them.

Your heart goes out to people who are hurting, have lost a job, lost a friend or family member. Or maybe it’s all the little things that are piled up and it’s all just getting to them (oh, boy- can we relate!). The stress of the environment, the stress of the pandemic, the stress of massive change, the stress of distance learning with kids all ages, the stress of so much uncertainty…and if you are like most people… you feel helpless. 

We don’t always know exactly what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes, but we can tell when they need a friend. The hardest part is not knowing HOW to make it better. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic wand to make it all go away?

We don’t have that – (but we are working on it!) – and if we found one we’d absolutely share it with all of you.

What we do have is the next best thing to a magic wand and it’s pretty effective. We deliver smiles in the mail. It doesn’t make the struggle go away— but it’s a nice distraction… and sometimes that is all someone needs to find their hope. 

To have a new perspective. 

To stand up and put on their super hero cape. 

To see that they DO have what it takes to get through the muckiness. 

Image of opened Greetabl gift with the Cup of Love Tea.

No more shrugging. Sendable gifts are the answer. For him or her.

Now you have a way to help where you might have felt helpless before. Now you can BE there. BE a better friend. BE a voice of positivity in a dark time. BE present. 

BE the love and happiness that you wish to see more of. 

Everyone should experience a Greetabl gift at least once. 

If you’ve ever received one, you know just how joyful the whole experience is –from the moment that cute little box arrives in your mailbox… filled with happiness built just for you. Who do you know who could use JUST that?

Cards or a nice handwritten letter can help— but for a few dollars more, you can really boost someone’s spirits. 

Gifts are precious. Sometimes you need more than a Greetabl gift– like a gift basket or a larger birthday gift. But for those times where you need more than a card— the in-between– THAT is where we fit in.