The Complete Guide to the Perfect “Thinking of You” Gift

The Complete Guide to the Perfect “Thinking of You” Gift

You are a thoughtful person. You have empathy and compassion—but— you may not always know how to express it. Some people make gift-giving look EASY, especially during challenging times — like their sole purpose is to pick someone up the moment they are feeling down. (How do they DO that??)

When you want to send a meaningful message to lift someone’s spirits…with something other than an obligatory (and very impersonal!) “thoughts and prayers” as a response to a woeful Facebook post…how often do you shrug it off because you didn’t have the words or “tools” to say it as sincerely as you FEEL it?

How do you tell someone that you REALLY sympathize with them, that they are deeply in your heart and that you’re holding them in your mind as they move through distress?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a Pinterest hack or greeting card poet to let someone know that they’ve been on your mind. 

Gifting is a SCIENCE. And we’ve cracked the code.

The best Thinking of You Gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. They just show up at that precise moment that someone is in need of encouragement. (Ooooh so very synchronistic!)

WELL, we know you mean well. WE GET YOU. And we absolutely have your back on this one. We’ve taken out the guesswork (and the awkwardness…ahem) of telling someone they’re in your thoughts – from finding the right words to say, to the gifts that accompany them.   

#1 “Thinking of you” during a time of loss or tragedy

Image of "I'm so sorry things have been tough" Greetabl gift.

It’s always difficult to know what to say (or how to say it) when someone is grieving- because we all grieve differently…and grief changes by the day – and sometimes by the loss itself. Choosing to celebrate LIFE in the presence of loss is a good reminder when selecting a gift of condolences. Our recommendations: photos and a frame, a small plant, or a bag of seeds.

Image of Brass photo frame.

#2 “Thinking of you” as you navigate through this challenging time.

Woah, baby. There’s a lot of adversity these days. Lots of unexpected and undesirable circumstances have resulted in pain and anxiety. Even though these experiences are a part of everyday life – job loss, relationship break ups, caring for an ailing loved one, balancing at-home parenting with at-home work, receiving disappointing news of any kind – (seriously, the list goes on and on…) the best way to steer through it and come out on the other side is to BELIEVE YOU CAN. And there is no better way to find your confidence than by being reminded of your strength by those who SEE YOU and BELIEVE IN YOU.

#3 “Thinking of you” while you are feeling under the weather.

Happiness goes a LOOOOOOOONG way to healing a sick friend, and we’ve got the wellness packages all ready for just these unfortunate times. Send some inner peace to a friend who is undergoing cancer treatments, recovering from surgery, healing from a broken bone, or even a bad cold. 

Image of Essential Oils Roll On.

#4 “Thinking of you” for Besties

Sure, anyone can send a card on a birthday, but some of the most memorable gifts are when you’ve just told someone you had a random happy thought about them. Is there anything better than getting a special message, and learning that you are appreciated and loved? (yes, thank you, more please!) The gifts can be small — but MOMENTOUS— and kept for many years as a reminder to KNOW those good vibes perpetually (…and recall them again during darker times.)

Instagram of Greetabl gift

#5 “Thinking of you” for Him

Just because we don’t see the special men in our lives indulging in some savory pampering doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the sentiment. (it may just be up to YOU to show them what they are missing!)

Image of Hand Rescue Cream.

#6 “Thinking of you” for Her

Yeah. We know. Women are complicated. What might make one smile, might make another cringe. When you want to let your lady know she’s on your mind, you really only need to know one thing: She wants to be SEEN, HEARD and VALUED. That’s it. (And… cue the swoon!)

Instagram of Greetabl gift

#7 “Thinking of you” Gifts + Gift cards

Gift-giving has never been easier with a creatively paired package. Select a mini “teaser” and gift card for a themed gift box… like a “YOU ROCK” coffee mug and a Starbucks gift card, a “Home Sweet Home” keychain, and an Amazon gift card or a LOVE Mini Stone Pack with a spa gift card… The ideas are E N D L E S S ! 

Image of the You Rock Mini Mug

#8 “Thinking of you” just because…

Sometimes the thought is reason enough to let someone know –Anywhere from “I miss you” to “I was reminded of you today” and a whole bunch of ooey-gooey goodness in between. Whatever triggers the thought of another – a song, a dialogue, or an old photo – before you know it,  you’ve detoured down memory lane.  TELL THEM 🙂