10 Things Team Greetabl is Thankful For

10 Things Team Greetabl is Thankful For

On any given day it’s important to take time to remind yourself of all the things you’re most thankful for. And it’s especially relevant this time of year, when we all set aside a whole day to reflect on how #blessed we are, and stuff ourselves with stuffing of course.

Like we mention in our post on stress relief, to help stay positive and grounded through this rollercoaster that is life, get in the habit of keeping at least 10 awesome things at the forefront of your mind. And since we really try to practice what we preach, what better time to share Team Greetabl’s very own top 10! 🙏😊

From the game changers to the simple pleasures, here are 10 things that make Greetabl smile every day:

1. Our Customers

Would we really have a designated Customer Happiness team if this were not the case?!

Greetabl customers are seriously the most caring, brilliant, hilarious, and wonderful people. It makes our day helping you guys make someone’s day. And we love hearing from you and seeing your pictures on Instagram! Keep tagging us @greetabl, because you literally wow us on the regular.

screenshot of a Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with a candle and light pink flowers

2. Our Team

In the last six months, our core team has grown from four members to TEN! Still a tiny company by most standards, we’re a tight-knit crew that is all pumped to come into the office every morning.

The Greetabl Team posing for a group photo

Not to mention all the folks outside of Greetabl HQ office that make it happen in a big way! Our fulfillment team down the street in St. Louis, our developers in Poland, and our investors to name a few. Shoutout to our amazing village!

3. Pets!

This is our all-time favorite topic. We know each other’s pets by name and we love them all so much, it’s not uncommon that we watch live video streams of them during lunch (thanks, Furbo!).

If you haven’t met the Furry Friends of Greetabl yet, mentally prepare for cuteness overload, and then check out our pet post!

Gray and white cat sleeping on a white bed

4. Ping pong

Ping pong is not only our favorite pastime, it’s part of our DNA. Back when Greetabl was a product sold flat at retail stores (yeah… that was a thing) and the company consisted only of our two fearless founders, ping pong was played as a way of taking your mind off problems in order to better crush them later. That practice still stands to this day.

In fact, every new employee’s onboarding kit includes their own paddle. Not kidding.

Four pencil cups with alternating black and red ping pong paddles

5. White Brick Walls

#TeamGreetabl is so official, we need a whistle. AKA- we got a new office this year! And by far the best thing about it is the b-e-a-u-tiful white brick walls. We think they make the perfect instagram background, don’t you agree?

One glass vase with light pink roses, one white vase with white hydrangeas, an unfolded Greetabl box for display and a bottle of Rose.

6. Coffee

The whole team runs on coffee, but the similarities pretty much stop there. As far as specific tastes go, some of us like it black as night, while others prefer for it to taste “like a liquified candy bar.”

One thing we can agree on is that we love to drink coffee out of big beautiful mugs. And taking pictures with our mugs against the aforementioned white brick walls. 😉

Two mugs with text that says, "Don't panic," and the letter, "A."

7. Rosé Roses

All the candies from our partner, Sugarfina, are the most deliciously chic treats we’ve ever seen! Check out their whole collection if you haven’t already, it’s impressive. The Greetabl team has tried almost all of the edible gifts we offer (gotta make sure it’s not poisoned for you guys, obviously), and though it wasn’t our intention to play favorites, these delightful roses have become our most beloved gummy snack.

What? Addicted?! No! We’re totally fine, no intervention needed. 😳

Sugarfina But First, Rose gummy candies

8. Themed Days

We’re kinda into Themed Days. On Monday we all eat lunch together. Admittedly, we usually try to do this every day, but that day is sacred. So um, no,  you can’t sit with us on Mondays.

‘Cool Thing Wednesdays,’ are our time to share a cool app, local festival, show, podcast, etc. that we’ve recently discovered.

On Thursdays we like to like to listen to our version of throwbacks, 90’s music, because ~the dream of the 90’s is alive in Greetabl.~ 

And we have an unofficial tradition, Floral Pants Friday. That one’s self-explanatory, but SO great. 

Yeah.. I noticed it too. We need something on Tuesdays! Even though it’s a day early, we should probably all wear pink. 🤔 🎀

Image from the movie Mean Girls of four girls wearing pink

9. Parks & Rec Re-runs

We consider Galentine’s Day and Treat Yo Self Day to be national holidays. We quote the show constantly. We literally have a Leslie Knope print. Enough said.

Greetabl Leslie Knope print

PS- If you’re loving this print, too, it was designed by our major brand crush & amazing collaborator, She Paper. They have a lot more badass lady print inspo where this came from!

10. Meaningful Collaborations

Speaking of amazing partners… the artists who design our prints and the vendors who craft our gifts are nothing short of creative geniuses. It’s a fact.

Many have become our friends. Many have used their exposure on Greetabl as a platform for growth. And all of that is pretty much the best case scenario ever! As we continue to thrive and learn from one another, Greetabl is unbelievably thankful for this community.

Woman with brown hair holding daisies over her eyes.

Your Turn!

Welp, that’s it for us. TBH- we’re feeling better about life already.

What things are you most thankful for? Do you have any in common with us? Let us know in a comment!

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