Christmas Countdown: The Best Ways to Spend Those Last 12 Days

Christmas Countdown: The Best Ways to Spend Those Last 12 Days

As of today, we’ve hit the mark. There are finally only 12 days left until the big one. The holly jolly super awesome day that is Christmas! How will you occupy yourself until it finally arrives?! Apparently there’s an old song that has a few suggestions, but TBH, we’ve got better ones. Because we’re still not sure what the heck a partridge is. So here are the best ways to spend the 12 days of Christmas…

DAY 1- Get Your Santa On

Greetabl makes a great holiday gift for all the different people on your list, because the unique print and gift combos are endless! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide if you’re having trouble choosing the perfect pair.  And FYI- you’re running out of time! Get your gifts under the tree in time by placing your order by December 14.

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Stack of Christmas Greetbal gift boxes in front of a small Christmas Tree with mug of hot cocoa

DAY 2- Party Hard

Now that all your gifts are taken care of, please pass go and head straight to party town by organizing a Friendsmas! What is Friendsmas, you ask? TBH, we just made it up but it’s amazing. Basically,  Friendsmas is similar to Friendsgiving, but you ditch the turkey and pumpkins, and replace them with candy canes and stockings. Get tips that translate to any event on our post about being a fabulous host!

DAY 3- Get Your Fit Right

Find the perfect holiday outfit! We suggest keeping it cute and cozy in the BEST new trend- super soft chenille! A beautiful, bright red chenille sweater just screams “I came here to dominate this unspoken cutest outfit contest,” but like, I’m still chill and festive. And a soft sweater is key, because there’s like 99 things to stress about during the holidays, but an itch ain’t one. 🙅

woman wearing a red sweater.

DAY 4- Get Your Wintersport On

Go ice skating! That’s a sport, right? It’s definitely a physical activity, and a fun one at that! If you’re a first timer, maybe wear some knee pads though.

DAY 5- Caffeinate with the Greats

Put some pep in your step while you’re running around in the holiday craziness. Sample all of Starbucks’ 2017 holiday drinks (might want to spread this out across multiple days). It’s highly likely that nothing on this earth is as good as the PSL, but these new flavors seem like they might just be up to the challenge!

Two mugs of hot coffee with whipped cream

DAY 6- Give Back

Think about those less fortunate and donate time or money if you can! If you’re not sure where to start, there are tons of websites out there that allow you to search for volunteer programs in your area, and some even let you narrow down by your skillset or bye the type of cause or event. Here are great places to start:

DAY 7- Reflect on the old, plan for the new

Spend a day reflecting on the year and everything you’ve accomplished! It’s really amazing when you take some time to appreciate how many new experiences you’ve had, and how they’ve helped you grow. If you’re the crafty sort, commemorate your year in a scrap book, but make sure to leave room for pictures from the coming holiday celebration.

After you’ve seen how far you’ve come, start looking forward and making new goals and resolutions for the coming year!

New Year sign surrounded by greenery

DAY 8- Gotta Getaway

Plan a winter stay-cation for after the holidays! Take an extra day off and head out to a nearby destination like a ski lodge or winery cabin, or stay home and sip cocoa next to the fire.

DAY 9- Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Perfect a new recipe, either food or drink, that you can bring to the holiday party and knock everyone’s socks off with!

Pomegranate champagne cocktails
Drinks and photo by Feed Me With Amanda

DAY 10- Find Some You Time

Read a great book, watch cat videos online, meditate or binge a whole TV show season. Bottom line, relaxation is key in this hectic time, so remember to take a day for yourself to totally relax before the big day(s).

DAY 11- Bake It Out

Baking cookies is an excellent tradition! Even if you don’t have kids waiting on Santa, cookies are just downright delicious. What better reason could there be?!

Christmas Cookies decorated with red, green and white icing.

DAY 12- It’s Showtime!

On the twelfth day… it’s finally Christmas! Nothing left to do now but celebrate the holiday with family & friends!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas Countdown just as much as you enjoy the holiday itself. From the Greetabl family to you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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