Best Halloween Gifts For Everyone on Your List

Best Halloween Gifts For Everyone on Your List

We love Halloween so much, it’s frightening.

But, this year’s fall festivities are already shaping up to look unlike any year we’ve seen before. With the first full moon in 19 years AND Hallow’s Eve falling on a Saturday for the first time in nearly a decade…so…NOT trick or treating due to social distancing will feel like quite the bummer. 

We’re Creepin’ It Real

When life gives you a pandemic, you create pandemic-friendly holidays! Are you up for the challenge? It’s up to us creative types to keep the “Spirits” alive! So eat, drink, and BE SCARY!

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?

A: Because he had NO-BODY to go with!

Unfortunately, this joke isn’t too funny in 2020. Like so many other plans derailed, your annual Halloween gathering may just have to happen digitally and remotely. 

Just here for the boos?

Image of Bottomless Mimosa Candle

No problem. Pre-send a cup ‘o witches brew (or… a bottomless MUMosa Candle!) through the mail as an invitation for a remote Halloween Happy Hour— complete with costume (…from the waist up. Hey! It’s a great “trick’ and only half the work!)

Don’t let the distance get you down. There are still plenty of reasons to send Best Witches!

Just like that, gone is the gore that has kept us feeling isolated this year. Below are some imaginative ideas for some great Halloween Gifting that will not be forgotten, even in the midst of a spooky Hallo-quaran-ween.

Halloween would not be complete without something sweet to eat. No matter who you are sending your Halloween Gift Box to this year, you can’t go wrong with candy. It’s what we LIVE (and die) for! These delicious treats will make anyone forget about the doom and gloom (WHAT doom and gloom?) See, they work!!

Image of caramels in a bowl.

Artisanal caramels at only $5 is a screamin’ good deal.

These creamy caramels are built from minimal ingredients and pack a punch for the taste buds. Plus, for every morsel consumed, the fight against cancer gets stronger.

Fudge Frittle for the Little Frights

Send this super original sweet treat to all your favorite ghosts and goblins on Hallow’s Eve. It’s a signature candy by Newfangled Confections reminiscent of peanut fudge meets brittle. Frittle is friggin good.

Image of Fudge Brittle.

Halloween Gifts for Halloqueens

Cute gifts for your girlfriends and goblins alike, give a scream-worthy surprise to everyone who could use a little rest and relaxation. Easily conjure up your own witches caldron bath bomb or home-made candle. Order from us, or make your own!

Boo-it-yourself Candy Corn bath-salts! Easy recipe here!

Image of Candy Corn Bath Salts in a jar.

Halloween Gifts for Halloween Him

He’s been an amazing Boofriend, so bring him something wicked! Whether sexy and hexy or just spooky and kooky, these are sure to conjure up some fun new Halloween memories this year. 

Bourbon and Single Malt Scotch for your Boo

Image of Bourbon Toothpicks.

We all have that guy in our life who is impossible to buy for. These bourbon toothpicks small, but they will make a big impression, we promise! Made with straight – barrel aged – Bourbon whiskey in a unique process that flashes the alcohol and leaves the essence of a spirit – botanicals, extracts, and phenols – deep in the birch.

Chill his SPIRITS!

Image of Stone Shot Glass.

This super chillable soapstone shot glass is super chill for those chilly fall nights. Handcrafted in Agra, India – home of India’s finest stonemasons – Teroforma Chill Shot glasses are sourced from the highest quality soapstone and will not chip or dissolve. Put this shot glass in the freezer and watch ice crystals form on the outside without diluting your drink!

Boo to you – from our crew

Teamwork makes the scream work. You don’t need to wait until December to let the gift-giving begin. If you’re feeling thankful now, then let Halloween be the perfect excuse to send gifts to your spooktacular co-workers and clients. An office Halloween Gift Exchange is a great way to foster that team spirit, even while working remotely!

Greetabl gift opened with moleskin notebook

We are Ga-Ga for this Ghost Pinata! 

This one is sure to make your eyes bug out! Filled with little yummys for the little mummies, let this adorable mini ghost share it’s guts with you!

Image of Mini Ghost Pinata.

Awwwww. I miss you, BOO!

Send some ghostly greetings and bring some smiles to your pal across the miles. Who says Halloween can’t be Happy? Greetabl Halloween gift boxes can make the distance less daunting (and haunting!) Especially for Mummys with an empty nest, your college-aged vampire bats will be thrilled to know you are thinking of them. 

Fall themed Greetabl gift opened, featuring "I Miss Your Face" design.

If you’ve got it, HAUNT it! 

Don’t let Halloween float past you this year, or any other. For so many of us, it’s the holiday that lets us mask our fears and bring out the child in all of us.