Too My Boo: Halloween Long-Distance Gift Guide

Too My Boo: Halloween Long-Distance Gift Guide

The nightmare before Christmas appeared as soon as we entered into 2020. The list of creepy and spooky has not stopped all year for some of us, but there’s no better time to escape the realness of the world and get lost in frightening fantasy and fiction. You have our full permission!

Fall-o-ween is the perfect time to strengthen your relationships by generating some fun. After all, laughter is the best medicine. This year has made connection tough and challenging, so Halloween is a great opportunity to inject some light-hearted fun into your relationship.

At Team Greetabl, we’re all about easy, effortless, and inexpensive “snickers”. That’s why we love these candy puns and gift ideas that are as simple as buying your favorite Halloween sweet treats and spouting out a quick quip. These ideas are guaranteed to make your person howl, and help you feel closer together.

No matter what you come up with for your person this Halloween, with these cute candy and gift puns, you are guaranteed to keep them under your spell. 

Stuck on specifics? We’ve come prepared with Halloween gift ideas for all your boos.

For the long-term, long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend

It’s never easy being apart, but getting a little treat from your Halloween love across the miles can make the distance a bit easier to handle. Consider sending these sweet little puns to bring a smile to your person’s face (as well as his belly!):

🍭   I o-fish-ally miss you like crazy (who doesn’t love Swedish Fish?)

🍭   Missing you mounds and mounds

🍭   Without you, I fall to pieces

🍭   Really missing my hot tamale

Pair any of these clever quips with Hand-Dipped Chocolate, Mouth Party Caramels, or even Scotch Caramels.

For the new relationship

No two partners are the same, and that may be why buying them gifts can be so challenging (especially if they’re new in your life). In order to find the perfect gifts for your boo this Halloween, we recommend taking a look at Enneagram or Myers Briggs

For the quick and sweet messages that are cute, romantic, or spooky –we’ve got you covered (Raisinettes anyone?) Try these Candy Puns:

🍭   Since I’ve met you, I’ve been having mounds of fun.

🍭   You are the best boyfriend, bar none.

🍭   With you, I always have a whoppper of a good time.

🍭   Our love is red hot.

🍭   I love you now and later.

🍭   Before I met you, I was in a real sour patch.

Send any of the above messages with Frosted Mini Oreos, Caramel Chocolate Popcorn, or Pineapple Gummy Rings.

For the Halloween lover

Some men stay boys and Halloween is the one night they can’t grow up. If your guy still hands out candy, or —BONUS— dresses UP in full costume to answer the door, it’s not gonna be hard for him to love a thoughtful little Halloween gift. Move beyond the candy puns and go for the creative gift puns. Here are some that we found extra punny: 

🎃    I’m Batty for you – attach this little note to a plastic Bat or… if they are a sports fan… (you know where we are going with this one…) a baseball bat.

🎃    You can unwrap me any day – this goes good with candy AND lingerie! 

🎃    I don’t need noBODY but you – a punny message on any stylish piece of clothing with a skull and crossbones. 

🎃    Let’s give ‘em PUMPKIN to talk about – real pumpkin, plastic, or pumpkin candy corns.

🎃   Trick or Tequila – bottoms up!

🎃   Enjoy a ‘witch’ – Attach this one to a gift card for your boo’s favorite sandwich shop (better yet, Uber Eats or Door Dash!)

Consider sending the Mini Ghost Pinata, You are Magic Keychain, or Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans.

Looking for Halloween gifts for another type of VIP in your life?

For Your Little Tyke

He may be a little devil, but one thing is for certain, this little man has stolen your heart. Halloween is an amazing time to experience it through his little eyes, which is sure to bring back your first memories of Halloween. 

Remember how shocked you were when you learned all you had to do was knock on someone’s door and they would give you candy for free?! All those years you spent planning your costume, for trick or treating, Halloween Party Hopping, or even participating in your community Halloween Parade…and now you get to do it all over again. (Cripes!)

Sadly, there may be a lack of trick or treating in your area this year, so it’s a great excuse to get creative with little gifts. Here are some great candy gift ideas for your little costumed cutie:

🍭   I love you now and later

🍭   Just betwix me and you, I love everything about you

🍭   I love you to pieces

🍭   I love you more than 100 grand

🍭   You’re my little sweetheart

🍭   You bring me such joy

Your little one will love Bouquet of Flowers Gummies, Sour Lemonade Straws, or even a Cotton Candy Bath Bomb.

For your husband or wife

You and your Boo go together like Cookies & Cream, like M&M, like Mike and Ike.

You’ve been through so many Halloweens together you are starting to recycle old costumes for your kids to wear. Keeping things fun and playful is never a bad idea as the years go on. Try these fun candy phrases to keep you both snickering Halloween after Halloween:

🍭   I love that I can still rolo-over next to you each morning

🍭   Everyday with you feels like payday

🍭   There are a million reese why I love you

🍭   I’m so lucky I married a big hunk like you

🍭   I really skored when I married you

🍭   It’s a joy being married to you

🍭   Out of everyone in the milkway, I’m so glad I got you 

Your spouse will love the Box of Toffee, Caramel Chocolate Popcorn, or Peach Bellini Gummies.

Still looking for more ideas for the perfect Halloween gift? Browse our Halloween Gift Guide for unique ideas for everyone on your list.