It’s Gonna be an EPIC Fall-o-ween!

It’s Gonna be an EPIC Fall-o-ween!

Leapin’ Lizards! This is Halloween…🎵…This is Halloween…🎵…This is Halloween… in the year 2020. 

If you are a Halloween lover, you already know how INSANE this year has the potential to be – and just in case you don’t – let us take a moment to spell it out for ya because this year happens to be one of the most alarming, daunting and sinister Halloweens in DECADES:

🎃   It’s on a Saturday.

🎃   There will be a Full Moon. 

🎃   It will also be a BLUE Moon (which means it will be the second full moon to occur in the same month)

🎃   It will also be on Daylight Savings Time, so you get an EXTRA hour of frightful shenanigans.

…Aaaaaand we’re stuck “safe at home” during a really annoying global pandemic. These are NOT the masks we were hoping to wear this year– especially this year, of all years. Such a BUUUUUUMMMMMMMEEEEEERRRRRRRRR.

Or is it? (cue evil laugh….) MWHAAAA AAAH AAAAH AAAAAH

The truth is the most creative ideas and most memorable holidays have been the ones that – at first glance – might have appeared to be the most challenging. 

But when you open your eyes to all the possibilities of a year that can literally not look like any other… ideas become OTHERWORLDLY. There are suddenly no excuses for us not to celebrate the hell out of this HORRIBLY TERRIFYING HALLOWEEN everywhere we possibly can. When you are in the zone— you are in another dimension where all things impossible become possible. (cue lightning rod and thunder cap)

Obstacles disappear and paths that were invisible before suddenly make themselves known to you. It’s both eerie and exotic. Everything suddenly becomes beautifully imagined. The experience we have – and the experience you can create for others – are abruptly lifted into a realm like no other. When you are uninhibited, the universe is limitless. You can move mountains. You can create worlds. 

And you can have a kick-ass Halloween if that is what you want to do.

So let’s supersize this thing and make it a Halloween that would terrify the Grim Reaper himself. If you’re IN, We’re IN. We’ve got the goods on the goriest and ghouliest gifts for everyone this Hallows Eve, to add to it being a historically abnormal night to remember and you are in for some tricks and treats of epic proportions. 

Whether you are looking for some cute gifts for friends or romantic gifts for lovers, your spine will chill and your skin will crawl with these creative Halloween ideas. So… Gather ye ‘round witches and wizards, for we are about to get SPOOKY with it.

Let’s start with a handful of KILLER Ideas for Halloween Gift Exchanges

Simple and cute, none of these gifts will break the bank, and they are perfect for all of the gift exchanges that you may be a part of this year. Every one of these are Boo-it-Yourself, and at a Level of EERILY EASY. Perfect for co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, kids, and adults– no matter the circumstance — and even if you don’t have many events scheduled this year. These ideas are sure to KILL. 

A Witches “Survival Kit

Image of a Witch's Survival Kit

Kick out the generic idea of a gift box and look for these Witches Brew Baskets. Hey, don’t cackle! It takes work to keep these gorgeous witches old and creepy. 😉 It’s quite scary how easy this is to put together and you’ll get bonus spooky points for personalizing it to each witch. Fill it with purple (or black!) nail polish, a green avocado hydration mask, some orange bubbly, chocolate (because NO WITCH can survive without THAT), and anything else seasonal that you might find at the dollar store. Don’t forget to personalize it with a well-thought-out note!

Bonus Points: include a personalized Greetabl gift with candy, a mini ghost piñata, or a fun bath bomb.

Wicked Witch Brooms

Easy and inexpensive, this DIY gift will sweep your little monsters — and their little monster friends — off their little monster feet. Make witches brooms out of fun, festive pencils! All ya need is some brown paper lunch bags, yarn, decorative pencils, and your choice of yummy goodies. For even more instruction, visit Little Frills.

Since you likely won’t be having class parties this year, these are perfect for leaving on your classmates’ doorstep. Precious AND practical… er… we mean Terrifying and Torturous (as some online learning has certainly proven to be!).

Bonus Spooky Points for having your little Ghoul or Ghoula make these with you! It’s a little project that couldn’t be easier to make.

COVID Killers

Keep the boogeyman AND the virus away with these decorative tags for Halloween Hand Sanitizers and Scary Soap. Create your own template on some cardstock or visit Eighteen25 for some free printable labels. There isn’t a person alive (or dead!) who wouldn’t find this incredibly practical and useful on Halloween in 2020. It’s also a healthy (oh the horrors!) alternative to candy that no trick-or-treater would dare throw away. Use them in Halloween gift baskets for coworkers, teachers, classmates, and your BFFs. 

Want to make it easier? Greetabl has three hand sanitizer gifts available – and we’ll send it for you! No DIY-required.

The MASK – A sign of the times or of the season?

Image of Halloween-themed masks

The only thing MORE alarming than the masks we are seeing lately is THE REASON WE ARE WEARING THEM. 

Seriously, Halloween seemed to start — not in October this year, —BUT IN MARCH!! …Because there isn’t anything more terrifying than a deadly virus floating around. 

But now we have an excuse to make our masks festive and fun! Making something happy out of something horrible is what Greetabl is all about and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do just that. Send a fun creepy mask that is sure to make everyone’s mood a little lighter and – of course – SPOOKIER! Why not take this mask-wearing business to a whole new level for Halloween? After all, it was the original Masquerade! A fun mask chain is the perrrrrrfect Halloween gift for everyone on your list.

Now THAT’s killing two birds with one stone. FUN and FUNCTIONAL? You’re killin’ us. That’s Freakishly FANTASTIC!!

Terrifying Tic Tacs

Image of Halloween-themed breath mints.
Image credit:

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood if you hand out these inexpensive breath mints (and so easy to send in the mail or add to a Halloween gift basket!) Download the stickers here or make your own with some printable sticker paper or simply use a glue stick. Tic Tacs are a favorite for both kids and adults, and for less than a dollar each this-easy-to-make treat fits right into your budget (and your pocket!)

Also, if you happen to be sitting next to someone with some bad monster breath, this is a less-than-awkward way to let them know!

Creep out your co-workers with these festive candies!

Image of Halloween eyeball candies ("buckeyes").

Super-easy-to-make spooktacular eyeballs are a variation of a popular candy called buckeyes. Peanut butter candy is formed into balls, dipped in white chocolate, and decorated to resemble bloodshot peepers.

If edible eyeballs aren’t your style, maybe creepy crawlies are! These easy to make spiderwebs are made with pretzel sticks, white chocolate for the web and a black little bug made of dark chocolate. 

Awaken your inner mad scientist and bring to life these easy Frankenstein pops, made with skewered  marshmallows on lollipop sticks, dipped in green chocolate and then decorated with melted candy coating 

Or, simply use these to start a game of Doorbell Dash Tag with your neighbors. 

Leave them an anonymous basket of Halloween Treats with a Personalized Halloween Poem note that says “BOO! You’re IT!” (PS – ship a Greetabl gift right to their door if you don’t live nearby, or ship it to yourself and drop it off IRL for a little spooky season fun!).

Need some fun Halloween rhymes? Borrow ours or write your own!


Someone sneaky placed this treat

to give you something good to eat.

Was it a vampire? A Witch? Or spooks galore,

Who placed this Boo upon your door?

You’ll never know, so don’t you dare

Look for the one who brought you this scare.

To keep the ghosts and goblins away

It looks like you’ll have to play.

Make something new that is sweet and cute

Then boo one more, but don’t say hoot

Don’t ever tell when you ring their bell

Halloween Night will be here in a spell

BOO, You’re IT!

More Socially Distant Halloween Ideas:

Halloween Gift Card Exchange

The perfect mailable gift, and a ton of fun to use for collateral when you get your friends together for some socially distant gaming. Raise the stakes during the Covipocolyse and place your bets. Doesn’t everyone have a bunch of unused gift cards lying around? Ante up with gift card poker (I’ll see you your $15 Starbucks gift card and I will RAISE you a $25 Target Card!) or simply draw names out of a witches hat and trade. 

Costume Challenge

Get ready to Accessorize, Costumize and Instagramize! Instead of coming up with just one costume this year, try making THIRTY ONE costumes- one for each day of the month of October. (Take THAT, COVID!)  Make an effort to rock a Halloween inspired look every day of  yourself in a different costume starting October 1 and ending on the 31st. The challenge? NOTHING CAN BE STORE BOUGHT. The rule is that every costume is made using things that already exist in your home. Feel free to gather other Halloween lovers and create different themes each day with a group of people and have an online costume contest. You get BIG Bonus Spooky points for making costumes for your kids and your pets!

Halloween Recipes and Boo-it-Yourself House Decor Exchange

Start a Halloween club with four or five of your best witches, in which you schedule one or two calls each week of October– on zoom of course. Then alternate between playing the role of craft teacher and craft student. Each person commits to teaching the group ONE halloween craft or a halloween recipe on their scheduled day. This is especially great for moms with young kids who are creatively challenged. We KNOW you are always looking for new recipes and crafts and this is a great way to add to your portfolio. You may find it to be such a success, you can add to it a little more each year. You can also add to the list, fun activities, crafts and games to keep the little monsters entertained while staying safe at home. 

Create a Halloween Musical Playlist

Borrow an old fave pastime from the 80’s and 90’s by making a “mixed tape” of songs that are variation on a theme. Hand pick some of your favorite creepy songs for the occasion, and then send the list to a friend with a decorative note. Creative AND costs virtually nothing. Need some ideas? Feel free to steal some songs from our Horror Nights Mix:

Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Picket and the Crypt Kickers

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Theme from Halloween (the movie)

Tubular Bells (from The Exorcist)

Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf

Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival

Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) by David Bowie

Disturbia by Rihanna

Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osborne

Ghosts by Japan

The Monster Hop by Bery Convy

Ghost by Bombay Bicycle Club

Raining Blood by Slayer

Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Boogieman by Childish Gambin

Batdance by Prince

A Nightmare On My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones

Teenage Witch by Suzi Wu

Pet Semetary by The Ramones

A Wolf At The Door by Radiohead

To Spook or not to Spook…Film Fright Fest Ideas

We had so much fun making our Halloween Music List, we went on to make a Film Fright Fest! These frighting flicks have been put in order from cute to curdling (in our opinion… ahem), so there is something on this list for everyone. Now curl up – with some caramel popcorn, hot apple cider, candy corn and your little fraidy cat (or big one)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (1993)

Casper (1995)

Hocus Pocus (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Ghostbusters (1984)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Psycho (1960)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Carrie (1976)

Poltergeist (1982)

Interview with a Vampire (1994)

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Exorcist (1973)

The Shining (1980)

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Don’t Stop There! Host a Halloween “Spooky Secret” Gift Exchange.

Hide and Shriek Greetabl box for a Halloween gift.

We’ve got some Greetabl suggestions for ya… (do you blame us?) for all your long-distance loves. 

We can’t get over this Hide and Shriek print, especially for the funny freaks. A little ghost humor can go a looong way and are sure to KILL.  Add some Halloween pics from years past, or use the note section to write a joke of your own.

Image of Greetabl Hide and Shriek design for Halloween gifting.