Take the Crown for 'Best Gift-Giver' at Your Next Holiday Party

Take the Crown for 'Best Gift-Giver' at Your Next Holiday Party

‘Twas the night of the holiday party and all through your place, you look around confused, with a frown on your face. Not a gift in sight, what will you do?! Man, this event really snuck up on you.

Everything’s closed. You begin to despair. Then you remember, a Greetabl is already there! You sent it a week ago, in a matter of clicks, knowing it would get there lickity-split.

You arrive cool and calm, gifts under control, and make a beeline for that pretty punch bowl. And as the wrappings begin to fly, you hear the most elated cry. “OMG! This is sooo cute I can’t even believe it!!” Looks like your Greetabl gift was a hit! 🎁

^Good thing you can recreate this successful, stress-free holiday scenario with Greetabl! Every single box design and gift are unique, so there’s something for everyone on your list. Just build and send, we take care of the rest. And make sure you order by December 13th so everything arrives on time!

We’ve taken care of endless browsing and indecision, too! Check out all of our perfectly paired gifts and messages, they fit every personality type from the biggest holiday lovers to the unfestively fabulous.

Here’s the best gift for…

For Those with Alllllllll the Spirit 🎄

Christmas Confetti + FaLaLaLa Print

Unfolded Christmas Greetabl box with red and green confetti.

Include this letter-to-Santa-approved note:

“It wasn’t easy, but I finally found a gift with as much Christmas Spirit as you!! Hope you’re having the most holly jolly year!”

For Those You Love A Latke 🕎

Caramel Chocolate Popcorn + Holiday Blues Print

Unfolded Hanukkah Greetabl with blue and gold confetti.

Include a heartwarming Hanukkah message:

“Thanks for being so awesome, no one can hold a candle to you! Hope you have the Happiest Hanukkah ever!”

For Your Friend With No Chill 🙅‍♀️ ❄️

Hot Chocolate + Merry Everything Print

Christmas Greetabl unfolded for display with cookies and silver garland.

Include these warm wishes:

“I know how much you hate the cold, so I thought this might help. Happy holidays! Wishing you all the sun and none of the snow this season.”

For The Person Who Loves Nostalgia ❤️

Hand Dipped Chocolate + Christmas Watercolor Print

Christmas Greetabl unfolded for display with s'mores.

Include this throwback note filled with love:

“Remember making s’mores as kids?! They’re definitely still as good as a grown up. Happy roasting!”

For Someone Who Loves a Little Flash ✨

Sparkling Glitter Tea + Pretty Presents Print

Christmas Greetabl box unfolded for display with small gold ornaments and wreath.

Send with this shining review:

“You add a bit of sparkle everywhere you go and I love that about you! Happy holidays, have so much fun celebrating!”

For The Ultimate Sweet Tooth 🍫

Peppermint Bark + Winter Berry Print

Christmas Greetabl box unfolded for display with candle, small succulent, and wreath.

Include this sweet sentiment:

“When I saw something so sweet and cool, I immediately thought of you! You totally deserve to treat yourself this holiday :)”

Gift Lists, Consider Yourselves Checked Off

That’s it on the holiday gifting inspo for now! Head over to the Greetabl homepage to start building sweet, personalized gifts that will amaze everyone you love. And here’s one last #ProTip: you can build them all in advance and then choose to our ‘Hold for Holiday’ option that ships out just in time for Christmas. Just think about how amazing it will feel to cruise into the rest of this crazy season with that weight off your shoulders!

If you got some awesome ideas from this guide, leave a comment below and let us know your favorite combo and who you’ll be sending it to. Let us know, too, if you’re itching for even more ideas because we’re always happy to provide them. It’s kind of like… our gift to you. 😘 😘 😘

Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo

Greetabl patterns with text that says, "Santa's Got Nothin' On You. (Because elves got nothin' on Greetabl) See for yourself!"