How to Help One Another Through Holiday Stress

How to Help One Another Through Holiday Stress

Every year, the holiday season comes with its emotional challenges. There are complicated family dynamics. Loss of a loved one. Loss of a job. And even without significant hardship, emotions notoriously run high. Holiday stress is real, and every year we struggle to manage it. The culprit? A very real pressure to execute the perfect holiday.

Not to mention, we’ve bought into the idea (no pun intended) that giving the perfect gift will erase all the problems and complications within our relationships. Things a little weird with your parents? A co-worker you’ve been at odds with? A close friend who became distant? Pile on the pressure.

Quite honestly, fill in the blank with your holiday stress. 2020 has made life all the more intense, and we know people will be navigating increasingly complex emotions.

If it all feels like a lot, that’s because it is. But if we can offer any encouragement to make it through, we are going to do that. Team Greetabl is cheering you on as you cheer on your people. Because together is the only way we’re going to make it through.

Keep the following top of mind to help one another through holiday tough times:

Verbalize encouragement whenever possible.

You never know what people are going through and what emotions they’re sorting out. So even if you think your people are handling life well, remember appearances aren’t always an accurate indicator of what is really going on. Be sure to encourage the mom conducting remote learning. The college student who is not coming home for the holidays. Your co-worker who you only see via Zoom these days.

Whether it is a close friend, a difficult family member, or a complete stranger, speak kind words. Don’t worry about making it weird. While staying 6 feet apart, you can tell someone in the grocery store that you love their cute mask. It’s not weird, we promise. Ask Steve Harvey; the survey says we need the random compliment. Now is not the time to keep encouragement to yourself.

Life isn’t all about you, but encouraging others also makes YOU feel better. The sentiment “the more you give, the more you get” has a lot of truth to it.

Check-in on your people.

Ask a co-worker how they’re really doing. Send a voice memo to your long-distance BFF. Call your grandma. These days, connection takes extra effort. Even so, it’s worth leaning into the challenge. Don’t be afraid to be the one to take the first step or reach out first. Don’t keep score as the one “who is always calling”. It’s not about that; it’s about creating space for genuine connection. Be the person who fosters that within your circle.

Send a gift of encouragement in the mail.

It’s universally known that receiving a package is one of the best. feelings. ever. The only thing better? Getting a package you did not expect or pay for. There are endless options to send a little happy mail, buuuut we’re saving you an extensive internet search. Greetabl does it best. (Need a gift idea? We love Fudge Brittle and Mouth Party Caramels)

Plan a virtual event.

Netflix party. Zoom hang-out. Virtual game night. You can get super creative here, but the main takeaway is to show initiative. Don’t wait for your people to get together. Create something fun for your people – it always helps to have an event to look forward to.

If you want to elevate your event, make it themed. Organize a Secret Santa or an ongoing gift swap. You can encourage connection with multiple people, which is a total win.

Thank an essential worker.

There are so many heroes who have kept us going in 2020. Doctors. Nurses. Healthcare workers. Delivery persons. Educators. Retail store workers. Government officials. They’ve been tirelessly working since March. With the threat of a second wave, demands are only going to increase.

Participate in random acts of holiday kindness.

We’re committed to spreading festive cheer more so than ever. To help encourage those around you, we’ve created a list of ideas to give a little kindness. We have suggestions to love on your friends, neighbors, and strangers.

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