5 Unique Gifts to Make a Long Distance Valentine’s Day Feel Much Closer

5 Unique Gifts to Make a Long Distance Valentine’s Day Feel Much Closer

Love knows no distance but distance has been known to make the heart grow fonder. If you are apart from your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, keep the romance alive across the miles with a little creativity and a whole lotta love. You may already be used to the physical distance between you and all the coping mechanisms that go with making the relationship work while inhabiting separate zip codes, from constant texting to nightly Facetimes. But Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate your affection on a whole different level, and because it’s a special day, you want to elevate your virtual time together in a special way. 

We’ve got the lowdown on the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you can’t be together in the same room. With a little bit of planning, these surprise gifts can make your long-distance Valentine’s Day celebration even more memorable than any other. 

1. Personalized Box o’Love

When you know that a greeting card just isn’t gonna be enough, a Greetabl Valentine’s Day Gift Box can be the perfect way to send some sweet tenderness to your beloved. We’ve got lots of cutie patootie boxes for you to customize with pictures, an ooey gooey love note, and a sweet treat. We recommend these pairings, but feel free to mix and match to make this long distance Valentine’s Day Gift unique for you and yours:

💌 Gift Idea: Fudge Brittle in a “Speckled Hearts Print” gift box

What it will set you back: $16

💌 Gift Idea: Mouth Party Caramels in a “Conversation Hearts Print” gift box

What it will set you back: $15

💌 Gift Idea: Heart Shaped Tea Drop in a “Heart-Shaped Glasses Print” gift box

What it will set you back: $13

💌 Gift Idea: Soulmate Tiny Heart Tray in a “Sign Language Love Print” gift box 

What it will set you back: $18

💌 Gift Idea: Rose Quartz Heart in a “XOXO Happy Mail Print” gift box

What it will set you back: $18.50

2. Digital Date Ideas

Thanks to an arsenal of digital tools, a Valentine’s Dinner doesn’t have to be SOOO different than any other year. All it takes is a little imagination and an adjustment to a video call on Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. 

💝  Get dressed up. Take some time getting beautified and dolled up just as if you were going out for a night on the town. Buy a new outfit, curl your hair and put on your favorite bling. 

💝  Light some candles. For bigtime thoughtfulness, send in the mail ahead of time in a “Valentine’s Date night kit.” Include a small bottle of wine while you are at it. 

💝  Order dinner from the same restaurant chain. Make it super fancy with a steak joint chain, or just super sized with a couple of Big Macs and fries.

💝  Set a time. Don’t forget to consider the time difference across time zones!

💝  Cuddle up and stream the same movie together. Viola! You’ve spent the evening together.

3. Jar of Devotion and Valentine’s Day Quotes

Texting throughout the day is a great way to keep your loved one feeling close, but somehow digitizing those sweet messages kills a bit of the romance. Make your sweetheart a customized mason jar with little pieces of decorative paper folded up. On each piece, write down reasons you love him or her. Additionally, look for love quotes that closely align with your relationship.

4. Make it Musical 🎵

Gone are the days of mixed tapes and CD burning, which sadly makes it more difficult to romantically decorate the case with a personal touch, but again- this just gives you another chance to problem solve creatively. 

Choose songs that emulate you as a couple, or ones with lyrics that poetically convey how you feel about them. Put the songs on a USB drive and mail the song list with a love letter. Pair it with your digital date night kit (above) to play while you dine together or add it to your Cupid Care Package (below).

5. Cupid Care Package

Getting a big box o’ love in the mail will surely brighten anyone’s day, especially if being away from loved ones has made them blue. Make your boo Valentine’s Day care package by decorating the inside of a box with pictures and Valentine’s Day quotes. Pack it full of quality personalized affection by choosing things that remind you of them, as well as things that will help them be reminded of you. Some ideas are lipstick kisses on pieces of paper, or stationary sprayed with your perfume. Of course, adding some homemade cookies and brownies is a great way to round out their gift box.