Four Reasons We Love National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Four Reasons We Love National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Well, friends, it’s safe to say that we’re immersed in a digital world. Now more than ever, our lives are spent on a screen. There was a recent viral tweet that said: “Another day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen to reward myself for staring at the medium screen all week”. We felt that. There’s so much noise surrounding our screen time and we’re all feeling collective technology fatigue. So to combat this, we are passionate about creating tangible moments of authentic connection. You know, outside of the little, medium, or big screen. For starters? National Send a Card Day, of course.

If National Send a Card Day wasn’t previously on your radar, well, there’s a first time for everything. And if there’s a time to start celebrating something new, it’s now. Etch February 7th on your calendars as a moment to remember.

Not convinced yet? No problem – we love a challenge.

Here are 4 reasons we love National Send a Card to a Friend Day:

1. It’s a Unique Tradition

You won’t find National Send a Card Day getting any major media attention or it’s own aisle at Target. And you know what? That’s what makes it a special opportunity to do something for your people. Some of our favorite traditions with friends and family are random, unique to us, and something we kinda get to brag about to others. Who knows, maybe this will start a competition of the wackiest, most unique things to send the mail. Or maybe it’ll start a shoebox collection of cards and letters from your closest friends.
Either way, it will give you something to look forward to in the thick of winter. This time of year is hard for everyone – it gets dark at 4PM and all you want to do in the evening is curl up in a blanket. It’s hard to feel energized in the post-holiday lull before spring, so why not create moments like these to give a little life to your friendships?

2. It’s Gives us Tangible Hope and Connection to Hold Onto

As we mentioned prior, so much of our lives are happening on some version of a screen. Encouraging texts, voice memos, emails, etc. can go a long way. We all need those moments of people checking-in. (And we are super grateful that tecnhology allows us to stay connected.)
Holding onto a physical card will allow your friends to feel closer to you. Especially if you send a Greetabl gift on National Send a Card to a Friend Day, your customized photos will take your snail mail to the next level. Add in a gift of your choice and voila! You’ve made your recipient’s day in minutes.

If you’re looking for a greeting card, we’ve also got those! Check out our downloadable templates here.

Image of inside of Greetabl gift with the words "great things ahead" and a candle.

3. We All Love Getting Happy Mail

Oh my gosh, mail that isn’t junk mail or a bill to pay?! Happy mail from your friends is even better than receiving a package delivery. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful surprise? It doesn’t matter who you are – we all enjoy some encouragement in our mailbox from time to time (or really, all the time).

4. You Never Know Just How Much It’ll Mean

Every time we receive personalized, thoughtful outreach from one of our loved ones, it gives us a renewed sense of hope for all that is to come. And coincidence or not, these messages always seem to come at a time when extra encouragement is needed. If someone is on your mind, reach out. If you think they could use a little pick-me-up, send them one in the mail. These outreaches are what is keeping us going throughout the pandemic.

What are you waiting for? Go make someone’s day. Head to or grab some stationary and a pen… you’ll be so glad you did it.