Our Favorite St. Nick's Day Traditions

Our Favorite St. Nick's Day Traditions

Ah, December 6th. (Does that mean anything to anyone?)Before I joined Team Greetabl, St. Nick’s Day was just a random holiday on my monthly calendar. You know the ones printed in the small font you kinda skim over? I never thought much about it, but I have learned we have some true enthusiasts of the holiday on our team.

As you can imagine, hearing St. Nick’s “is the best holiday ever” lead to me investigate what the fuss was all about. Yes, that is a direct quote from none other than our Founder and CEO.

To my surprise, you know what I’ve found? Celebrating St. Nick’s Day is a missed opportunity, people. If you haven’t participated in years past, this is your time to get it together. And to prevent you from hours of internet research (c’mon, we all know Google is a dark hole), I’m here to tell you:

1) What in the heck St. Nick’s Day is and

2) Why you should be celebrating

The History of St. Nick’s Day

I’m not usually one for a history lesson, but it’s important to know a brief synopsis of the holiday’s origin. St. Nick’s Day is inspired by… well, St. Nicholas. He was known for his love for the poor and sick, while his hallmark was leaving gold coins in people’s shoes. There’s so much more to the story, which you should read about here. The TLDR: He served as the inspiration for our modern Santa Claus and is still inspiring acts of service to this day.

His life is now celebrated by putting out a pair of shoes to receive small gifts. This act is reflective of his selfless service and is a great teaching opportunity for children on kindness and compassion.

Why We Love It

St. Nicholas Day is not simply an old wives’ tale. There are countless ways to incorporate his legacy into your Christmas traditions. Check out a few of our favorites below!

‘Tis the Snacks.

First and foremost, I am realizing St. Nick’s Day is the perfect kickoff to the holiday season. What better way to begin the season’s traditions than with small gifts and candy? Whether you put out shoes, socks, or stockings, the tiny, festive treats are sure to be a hit. Remember, the Greetabl team is composed of experts in small and cute gifts!

It’s an excuse to start personal (and random) traditions.

Brittany, our Director of Marketing, told me her mom always includes a new toothbrush in their stockings. I’m not asking questions, but I love the fun and silly sentiment.

That small example captures the amazing thing about this holiday – random traditions specific to your family can totally fly. St. Nick’s allows you to get creative, and it seems no one really knows enough about the day to tell you no. There’s my hot take for the week, and you didn’t even need a penny (… or coin) for my thoughts. đŸ˜‚

A means to keep in touch with your people.

Recently, my nephew lovingly told me I am his second favorite aunt. As a result, I am looking to bump up to the #1 spot (you should know I am not competitive by nature, EXCEPT for this).

The reason I bring up this humbling story? I am realizing St. Nick’s Day is an unexpected opportunity to send care packages to my niblings. And the best part? I don’t have to give Santa any credit for it! Take that, Mr. Clause. Put a point on the scoreboard for Aunt Meg.

If you do not have a niece or nephew, St. Nick’s is a fun tradition to start with other family members, friends, or roommates. And when we’re all looking for something to switch up the mundane nature of the year, St. Nick has great timing.

It’s an agreeable time to start holiday movies.

We are so ready to watch our first-holiday movie of the season (or our 10th-holiday movie of the season… it’s really hard to wait!). Que up White Christmas, my favorite (and underrated) holiday classic.

We will be listening to festive music… all day long.

Today is going to be anything but a Silent Night. On St. Nicholas Day, my house is planning to play Christmas music all. day. long. My roommate and I welcome everything from Christmas Trap to Christmas Classics. You’re welcome for the playlist recs.

No matter how you’re planning to celebrate St. Nicholas Day this year, I hope your festivities help you feel a little closer to your people. Sending my best for a warm and happy day with your loved ones… virtually or IRL!

Megan Golliver is the Marketing Specialist at Greetabl.