How to Give the Best Gift for Grandparents Day

How to Give the Best Gift for Grandparents Day

Grandma and Grandpa. Meemaw and Peepaw. Nana and Papa. They’re your go-to phone call when your son’s fever spikes. They’re the only people who can calm your daughter during a meltdown. They’re babysitters, front-row cheerleaders, carpool drivers, nurses, chefs, and superheros. They are…

Gold Medal Grandparents

Grandparents Day is the perfect occasion to thank them, celebrate them, and make up for lost time. There are a lot of generic and boring gift options out there, but we know that’s not your style. You need to find a gift as grand as they are.

Here are Team Greetabl’s tips to give the best photo gift for Grandparents Day:

Choose a thoughtful gift

We have plenty of amazing “grandma” and “grandpa” gear that is perfect for Grandparents Day. A few of our favorite options are –

You can view our entire Grandparents Day assortment and Grandparents Gift Guide for more ideas.

Include pictures of their favorite memories

If there’s one thing grandparents love, it’s pictures of their grandkids. Opt for photos from past family trips, birthdays, sporting events, and anything that Meemaw and Peepaw have particular fondness over. Photo gifts are the new black.

With Greetabl, you can choose up to three custom images. Grandma and grandpa can tear out the photos or proudly display the card in a frame – either way, they can hang onto your gift for years to come!

Spend quality time with them

Use Grandparents Day as an opportunity to serve them. Here are a few of our favorite ideas –

  • Cook dinner. Your children can act as their waiter or waitress. Get creative and make grandma and grandpa feel appreciated, just like the superstars they are.
  • Play a game. No phones allowed! Play a game that everyone – ages 9 to ninety – will enjoy.
  • Netflix Party. If grandma and grandpa are far away, host a virtual movie night. You can live-chat through the entire movie, making it almost seem as if you’re really together.
  • Make a family recipe. Cook or bake a passed-down recipe all together as a family.
  • Plan an overnight visit. There’s nothing like a sleepover at the grandparent’s house.
  • Help with a chore or yardwork. Since they’re always taking care of you, do something for them in return.
  • Piece together your family tree.
  • Do a DIY craft together. Bonus if it’s a skill that grandma or grandpa can teach!
  • Go through old photo albums and scrap books. Because there’s nothing better than a walk down memory lane together.

Regardless of what you do together, grandparents love any opportunity to be with their loved ones. Be sure to carve out uninteruppted 1:1 time as a family to help them feel valued, appreciated, and loved this Grandparents Day.

How to honor grandparents who have passed on

Grandparents Day – or any holiday – can be a tough day for those mourning the loss of a loved one. To honor those who are no longer with you, there are several things you can do as a family to acknowledge their impact:

  • Make a charitable donation in their honor.
  • Volunteer for a cause they cared about.
  • Visit the cementary.
  • Plant a tree or flowers.
  • Light a candle.
  • Host a lucheon or dinner in their memory.
  • Share your favorite stories and pictures.
  • Visit the local nursing home and spend time with those who do not have nearby family or visitors.
  • Send family members a symbolic gift – like a guardian angel – to keep in their memory.

Mark your calendars for Grandparents Day, September 12th and get started on your custom photo gift at