16 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

16 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

Calling all encouragers! We’re looking to put the “merry” back in holiday merriment. 2020 has been one heck of a year, so Team Greetabl is making it our mission to intentionally spread holiday cheer to everyone in our circle. We know the Greetabl community is composed of some of the most thoughtful, genuine people. We’d hate for our resources to go to waste, so…

We’re calling on you to spread a little love.

Sure, social-distancing might make this effort a little more difficult without IRL connection. In response, we’ve gotten creative to make surprise-and-delight kindness happen. What’s our challenge to you?

Complete as many random acts of holiday kindness as possible on the below checklist:

  1. Drop off handwritten letters at a nursing home or care facility. For the residents, it’s been an even lonelier year without the comfort of visitors. As an additional precaution, we recommend wearing gloves while writing. Be sure to use a sticker to seal the envelope (as opposed to licking it closed!).
  2. Encourage essential workers. Thank a doctor, teacher, and grocery store worker in your life. Write a thank you card or verbalize your thanks in passing. No word of gratitude, spoken or written, goes without appreciation.
  3. Shovel snow for a neighbor. Bonus if you can do it quietly and anonymously.
  4. Leave a generous tip for your food delivery person. Couriers like UberEats and DoorDash allow you to create a custom tip, so surprise your delivery person with an added bonus!
  5. Like, comment, and share posts of a small business. This costs $0 and makes a huge impact. If you can make a conscious effort to shop small this holiday season, consider researching your purchase before defaulting to Amazon.
  6. Send a Greetabl gift to someone who needs a little encouragement. You don’t need a reason! Get started here.
  7. Donate toys, books, and clothes to a shelter. Check COVID policies before donating.
  8. Leave a letter or gift for your USPS and delivery persons. This year has been demanding. Encourage, encourage, encourage. You can always leave water bottles and snacks on your front porch to surprise-and-delight.
  9. If you are traveling this holiday season, take time to thank a worker at the airport. Holiday travel is already stressful enough without the added complications of COVID. Be an encourager, 6 feet apart.
  10. Bring in the trash cans for your elderly neighbors. Really, you can do this simple gesture for any neighbor. And really, you can do any act of socially-distanced kindness for your elderly neighbors. Think of ways you can actively help those who live near… Mr. Rogers style.
  11. If you know of someone who will be alone for the holidays, invite them to your Zoom holiday celebration(s). The best part about virtual parties? You don’t have to worry if you made enough food to invite an additional person. There’s room for all at the (virtual) table!
  12. Check-in on your people (unplanned). We have an entire post on helping your people through holiday stress. Summarized? Reach out. Make the phone call. Send the text.
  13. Let someone go ahead of you in line. Especially that parent who had to bring their child(ren) shopping with them and is managing a full-on, toddler meltdown. Take a few deep breaths and be patient. You can endure the wait.
  14. Drop off your signature homemade dish on the front porch of a neighbor or loved one. It’s a good idea to wear a mask and gloves while cooking for additional protection. Make sure to keep dietary restrictions/preferences in mind.
  15. Pay for someone behind you in the drive-thru. In the event you find yourself picking up a Starbucks drink, surprise the person behind you. It’s always a nice kickstart to the day.
  16. Offer to help order items online. If you know someone who is less than tech-savvy, offer to assist them with online orders. This can be for holiday gifts, groceries, or household necessities. Getting help is a lot less awkward if someone is offering!

This holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities to help. Get creative. Get courageous. Actively look for ways to support your community. After this rollercoaster of a year, people need encouragers like you.