Thanksgiving Client Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Client Gift Ideas

There’s no WRONG time to send a gift. (Seriously. Can not stress that enough). But…every basic #bossbabe sends client gifts during the holidays. Stand out from the crowd this year by sending Thanksgiving gifts to your clients. OR send both! We weren’t joking about that no-wrong-time thing.  

During the holiday season, consumers are bombarded with bland, impersonal messages from every direction. A few simple changes to how you approach holiday gifts could create big changes in how your customers perceive your brand – and result in more referrals, better customer retention, and more satisfied customers overall. One surefire way to stand out is to send your gifts before the holiday rush.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas:

Thanksgiving Gift #1: All Elegance

Unfolded Greetabl for display with wedding pictures and Champagne Bubbles gummy candy.

Design: Sweet Stems

Gift: Champagne Bubbles

Say thanks-a-million-billion with this gorgeous fall-themed print and a box of mouthwatering Champagne Bubbles. And combine it with a message that lets them know they’re your number one.

Click here to send this endlessly-elegant gift combo!

Thanksgiving Gift #2: Masterpiece City!

Greetabl gift box with a small vase of flowers.

Design: Aster

Gift: Moleskine Notebook

The best way to say thanks for all the amazing work you’ve done together? To help them do more amazing work! Help them create their next masterpiece with a pocket notebook they can take literally everywhere. Bonus: this thing is suuuuuper cute.

Click here to send this delightful gift combo!

Thanksgiving Gift #3: Merci Beaucoup!

Greetabl box unfolded for display with pen and Felt Pennant Stickers.

Design: Many Mercis

Gift: You Are Magic Keychain

We love showing gratitude, which is why this original print is full of it! This colorful calligraphy of the word “merci” will have your recipient thanking you right back in no time. Combine this design with a gift that tells them just how magical they really are

Click here to send this Insider-only gift combo!

Thanksgiving Gift #4: Beauty in Bloom

Greetabl box unfolded for display with wedding pictures and candle.

Design: Watercolor Blooms

Gift: Soy Candle

Beautiful. Colorful. Floral. Is there any better way to say “thanks”? Spoiler alert: there’s not! Send the Watercolor Blooms print with a soy candle to let your clients know they light up your life.

Click here to send this fabulously floral gift combo!

Another way to set yourself apart this holiday season is to send unique, personalized gifts. Greetabl can help you send a unique message to each client – and the good news is it’s super easy on your end! Click here to learn more about placing large orders.

Ready to make a lot of people very happy this year? Get started on your Thanksgiving or holiday client gifts! Because there’s no better feeling in the world than the feeling of making someone’s (or a lot of someones) day.