The Best Thank You Gifts: Thanksgiving Gift Guide

The Best Thank You Gifts: Thanksgiving Gift Guide

There’s a reason every-sitcom-ever has done a flashback Thanksgiving episode (you know, those episodes where they just show clips from a bunch of past episodes?). It’s because Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the past and count our blessings – and the best blessings of all are our people. I mean, Joey would never have gotten his head out of that Turkey on his own…

This November, take some time to think about the people who never fail to lift you up: from your bestie to your boss to the stylist who talked you out of getting bangs. Need some ideas on how to show those everyday superheroes some extra appreciation this Thanksgiving? We’ve got you covered!

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas:

Gratitude Gift #1: Bubbly for Your Bestie

Design: Sweet Stems

Gift: Champagne Bubbles

Say thanks-a-million-billion with this gorgeous fall-themed print and a box of mouthwatering Champagne Bubbles. And combine it with a message that lets them know they’re your ride-or-die.

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Thanksgiving Gift #2: A Pocket Full of Creativity

Design: Aster

Gift: Moleskine Notebook

This one is perfect for the artsy creative types on your list! You know, the friends who helped you paint that wall. Or the person in your squad who always hosts craft night. Help them create their next masterpiece with a pocket notebook they can take literally everywhere. Bonus: this thing is suuuuuper cute.

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Thanksgiving Gift #3: Merci Beaucoup!

Design: Many Mercis

Gift: You Are Magic Keychain

We love showing gratitude, which is why this original print is full of it! This colorful calligraphy of the word “merci” will have your recipient thanking you right back in no time. Combine this design with a gift that tells them just how magical they really are.

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Thanksgiving Gift #4: Beauty in Bloom

Design: Watercolor Blooms

Gift: Soy Candle

Beautiful. Colorful. Floral. Is there any better way to say “thanks”? Spoiler alert: there’s not! Send the Watercolor Blooms print with a soy candle to let your people know they light up your life.

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Thanksgiving Gift #5: For the Person Who Shines

Design: Merci

Gift: Sparkling Rosé Glitter Tea

The perfect thank you gift for the person on your list who’s trying to feel like a diva and a mermaid and a yogi all rolled into one. (TBH who isn’t?)

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