The WORST Holiday Advice We've Ever Heard

The WORST Holiday Advice We've Ever Heard

During the holiday season, consumers are bombarded with bland, impersonal messages from every direction. Simple adjustments to how you approach the holidays could create big changes in how your customers perceive your brand – and result in more referrals, better customer retention, and more satisfied customers overall. 

Take a sec to daydream about how aaaaamazzingg that would be. *Ahhhhh, the sweet smell of success.*

Daydream over! Now, let’s get down to biz so we can turn that daydream into a reality. The first step? Read these five myths about the holidays (and, you know, DON’T do them):

Myth One: As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to send Christmas gifts to your clients.

You don’t have to send gifts at Christmas. In fact, we’ve seen many businesses have even better results by sending a gift for Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day. By sending a gift at a less common time, you’ll stand out from the crowd (and your gift won’t end up at the bottom of a big pile of stuff from other companies).

Another way to make clients feel special is to send a small, “just because” surprise during the year. Sometimes this actually has the biggest impact because it’s so unexpected.

Other times of year offer the advantage of fewer competing messages and less hectic schedules. Circle all of these holidays that might be a good fit for your brand.

    • Valentine’s day 
    • Chinese New Year
    • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day 
    • Halloween 
    • Friendship Day
    • Thanksgiving 
    • International Women’s Day 
    • Daylight Savings 
    • May Day
    • Sweetest Day
    • Easter 
    • First day of Summer 
    • World Gratitude Day 
    • National Good Neighbor Day 
    • St. Nicholas Day 
    • Back to school 
    • National [insert your industry] Day 

    Ready to schedule a Thanksgiving or St. Nick’s Day gift for your clients? Our team is here to help. Click here to get your order started.

    Myth Two: You don’t need to think about the holidays until December.

    This is the riskiest myth to buy into. If you don’t start thinking about your holiday plans until December, chances are you won’t have time to get holiday gifts or cards out to your clients. (I mean, you might have time to send an email…?).

    The best time to start thinking about your client holiday plans? As soon as you possibly can! (We even have some customers who place holiday client gift orders as early as August). Obviously, not everyone can place holiday orders that early, but it’s best to place your order by the middle of November. This helps secure your inventory and ensures that you’ll have enough time to get things shipped out in time.

    That said, it’s never too late to send a gift! Even if you can’t get your holiday gifts to your clients in time for Christmas, a New Years’ gift can be just as thoughtful.

    Myth Three: You have so many clients that sending a personal gift to each one is impossible.

    Correction: this is only a myth if you don’t have help. You absolutely do have too many clients to send each one a thoughtful, personal gift if you are going to be fulfilling, wrapping, and shipping all those gifts yourself. We get that you’re superwoman, but even superheroes have their limits!

    Partnering with a company like Greetabl can empower you to send something personal to each client without driving yourself totally crazy-town-bananas. We can even do a bulk upload for you so that you don’t have to submit each order individually. Easiest way to cross something off your list EVER!

    Myth Four: The leftover swag you haven’t used this year will be a big hit as gifts for your clients.

    No 👏 one 👏 wants 👏 your 👏 swag! (Well, your mom might want some. But no one else does). The random assortment of logoed USB drives, $1.99 trucker hats, and super flattering one-size-fits-all t-shirts (AKA you ordered 10x too many XLs) is not the treasure trove of delight that you think it is.

    When you send an item with your logo on it to your clients, it feels like advertising, NOT a gift. And let’s be honest, it kinda is advertising. Can you imagine if you opened up a gift from your BFF on Christmas morning and inside was just a cut-out of an ad from a magazine? It would be a less-than-delightful experience. We get that the analogy is a bit flawed because you can’t USE a magazine ad and swag can be useful. BUT, here’s the thing: it’s not that flawed. Swag isn’t actually super useful to most people and it’s definitely not surprising or delightful.

    So save the swag for your momma and send something that still connects to your brand, but is more of a treat for your client. There are so many ways to do this and all of them are better than a custom can koozie. Seriously – when was the last time someone posted on Instagram to share that they got a free can koozie? Has that EVER happened? Is the person who did that okay? Should we send help? *Sidetrack over*

    Here are a few suggestions to get your brainstorm session started:

      • Send a gift that relates to your business. If you’re a photographer, consider sending a cute frame, or if you’re a trainer or coach, send our You Got This Socks
      • Include photos of your team or the work you did with the client
      • Send gifts for a holiday or occasion that tie back to your business (National Dog Day for a vet’s office, for example)
      • Write a super personal note that specifically mentions something amazing the client has achieved this year or something they told you about their family or hobbies
      • Customize the design of your Greetabl gift to match your branding (or change the color on one of our custom color designs – it’s super easy and takes zero design skills)

      Myth Five: If you don’t sign every single card yourself, your clients will feel snubbed.

      It’s so sweet of you to want to go the extra mile for your clients. That attitude has probably made you pretty successful…which is why you just don’t have time to sign every single note yourself. It’s going to take you from now until NEXT Christmas if you try to do all of that. That doesn’t mean that your gifts can’t be personal and thoughtful, though.

      You can add a personal message to a Greetabl gift without getting midnight hand cramps. Magical, right? We can even include personal messages when you place a bulk order. All the feels for your clients, none of the headache for you (or your army of “volunteers” you were planning to recruit to help sign cards).

      This holiday season, let Greetabl do the heavy-lifting while you wear your new flannel jammies, watch Love Actually, and eat Christmas cookies. You deserve a break and our magical elves (AKA Team Greetabl) are here to help! Click here to browse our holiday shop to find the right thing for everyone on your list.