Trick or Treat: St. Louis Style!

Trick or Treat: St. Louis Style!

Here in St. Louis, MO, we have our fair share of regional quirks (see: provel cheese, or bread-sliced-bagel-gate). But the BEST local tradition is telling jokes for Halloween.

When kids in St. Louis go trick-or-treating, the tradition is that they have to tell a joke at each house to get their candy. And if you thought kids in costumes were cute, just wait until you see a tiny superhero ask, “What do ghosts eat for breakfast?” 😍 It’s next-level adorable. (The answer is boo-berries, BTW).

Don’t believe us? This is a real thing, you guys! The original theory was that kids would play fewer pranks if they had to come up with a harmless trick to get their treats. For most St. Louis locals, Halloween without jokes sounds as crazy as Fourth of July without fireworks.

So, in the spirit of St. Louis Halloween, Greetabl is celebrating our hometown pride with a spooky joke contest. Send us an email with your best Halloween joke for a chance to win a free Greetabl gift!

We’ll be sharing our favorite submissions in our Instagram Stories and everyone who participates will get 10% off their next purchase. And don’t forget – one lucky winner will get a FREE Greetabl gift. Email your joke to [email protected] to enter. And make sure you include your Instagram username so we can tag you in our Story!