Guide to The Perfect Treat Yo Self Day

Guide to The Perfect Treat Yo Self Day


Not only is the next Treat Yo Self Day coming up on October 13th, it is THE Treat Yo Self 2017!!!

This. Is. Not. A. Drill. People.

To celebrate this crazy momentous super fantastic occasion (yep, I’m treating myself to all the adjectives) we’re giving you a step by step guide for the perfect Treat Yo Self Day. 💃🏾

Step 1: Champagne. Lots of Champagne.

As Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle have wisely taught us, popping some bubbly is the crucial kick-off step! 🍾

And just keep the champers flowing from there. We can’t stress this enough. You should really go ahead and get a champagne fountain.

Step 2: Love Notes

Treat Yo Self to some self love and inspo! AKA- start the day off by reminding yourself why you’re so amazing💁. Set yourself a phone reminder with a motivating message, or the lipstick-mirror-note is always a classic (post-its work too, not as cute but involves much less clean up later).

Here are our suggestions for the perfect love-note-to-self:

  • Shine on!
  • Life is great & so are you
  • You are a beautiful genius
  • You’re basically Beyoncé
  • You’re sugar & spice & everything badass
  • You’re like pizza in human form. Pure perfection.

Step 3: Your Favorite Foods

Along with the bubbly, you’ll need lots of fuel to get you through all the treating. So eat all your favorite things on that sacred day, nothing is too extravagant.

My ideal treat yo self day meal(s) would probably be an all day long stream of spaghetti carbonara🍝. Comment below and let us know what yours would be! 

Step 4: Spa Day

Another Tom & Donna go-to, and for good reason. Relaxation is a huge part of treating yourself! You will feel like a whole new person after a massage and a facial, it’s a scientific fact.

#LifeHack: If you’re ballin’ on a budge, Treat Yo Self to a DIY spa day. All you need is a cucumber, a great face mask, some steam from your shower, and some pretty nail polish. Ta-da! You’ll be surprised how pampered even an at-home mani & facial will make you feel. 💅

Step 5: Retail Therapy

This one is a no brainer. Treating yourself to some hot new clothes and jewelry (yes, bedazzled elbows absolutely count) is not only a treat in the moment, but will improve your wardrobe for a long time to come. Win win. Thoughts, Donna?

Treat Yo Self!

Step 6: Unwind in Style

Now time for more relaxation. Why more? Because Treat Yo Self!!!! Duh.

End your long, tiring day of treating yourself by kicking back in whatever way relaxes you most. We’re picturing: 1 part glass of wine, one part bomb ass bath, and one part amazing book or Netflix show. 🍷🛀📖

No matter how you choose to Treat Yo Self, we support you.

Happy Treating!



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