HBD Guide: The 4 Best Ways Make your BFF’s Birthday Special

HBD Guide: The 4 Best Ways Make your BFF’s Birthday Special

It’s never too early to start getting a game plan together for your best friend’s birthday! It’s only right that you pull out all the stops in honor of the person who completes you. Think about it… if they had never been born, your life would be like 813.7% more boring, and that in itself is a reason to celebrate.

Here are the simple, but crucial components for throwing your friend the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER:

1. Mark Your Calendar

This may be stating the obvious, but for real, step #1 is remembering. How bad would you feel if you even mixed up the day, let alone forgot your BFF’s birthday altogether? Probably like the actual worst. So stay on top of that ish.

Buttttt don’t feel like you need to try to keep it all straight in your head, because forgetfulness can happen to the best of us! Use a calendar or other reminder tool to help you out. Pro Tip: if you want some peace of mind, set up a birthday reminder!

2. Say ILY

If you don’t shout your BFF’s birthday from the rooftops via social media… are you even friends? PDA all the way. Plus, if you take a lot of pics together, it might feel excessive to post one up every time you have a selfie shoot. Well here you go, now they’re magically relevant again!

Make sure you balance the scales with a private sentiment as well.  A sweet text right at midnight so they know you’re thinking about them in the moment, or a heartfelt card they can cherish forever.

If you’re not a wordy person, that’s totally okay. Let a photo do the talking (they are worth, like, a thousand words apparently). A framed photo of the two of you is equally cherish-able, and also writer’s block proof.

3. Set the Scene

No matter the location, there’s always a way to brighten it up with some bday decor! And of course, make sure you align the color scheme with their taste.

(We suggest getting a balloon or banner from the outrageously cute Etsy Store, Paper Supply Station)

There’s no beating the look on your friend’s face when they walk into a space and see it decorated completely for them. Get creative with how you can incorporate ev.er.y.thing. that they love!

Even if you can’t get the real thing, just a picture is guaranteed to make them smile. String up pics of their fave celebrity hottie, their favorite animals, etc. Just make the space as custom as possible for the full effect.

Oh look! Here’s a little party pooch waiting to help celebrate. How cute to hang up or turn into a card. Who put that here?! Clearly someone who 💗’s you.

4. Follow Their Lead

If it’s not a surprise celebration, then your ideal role is their coordinator and #1 hype man. Translation: help plan and make it exciting, but ultimately let them call the shots (and take the shots amirite??) (JK, only if you’re into that) (please drink responsibly & use the buddy system).

If you are planning something a little more incognito- it shouldn’t be hard to choose the perfect activities to fit your bestie’s personality. Chances are you like a lot of the same things, so you should know whether they want a blow out surprise with tons of friends, or a casual movie night on the couch.

Near, Far, Wherever They Are!

If you hit all these key areas- your BFF is sure to feel like the special-est birthday babe of all time!

Oh, and if you and your bestie are doing the whole long-distance thing, there are definitely still ways to make them feel special. If you can’t be there in person, send them something physical that checks all these boxes; custom message, pics of their favorite things, and decorated for them. Yeah… a Greetabl!





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