Fun Phone Background Prints by Greetabl

Fun Phone Background Prints by Greetabl

Here at Greetabl, we’re passionate about prints. We source the patterns used as our box prints from designers and illustrators from all over the world, and we’ve made some awesome relationships along the way! A while back we had the idea to make these awesome designs available as fun phone background prints.

We’ve promoted certain prints on social for limited times, but now we want to have a place for all of them to live together, so you can peruse and download your faves whenever you want!

Fun Phone Background Prints:



Florals / Nature


Leslie Knope / Leslie quotes

Obviously this is a category, did you really think it wouldn’t be?!





If looking at all of our prints has you thinking about the next gift you want to send, check out our post full of The Best Quotes and Images To Use In Your Greetabl!


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  1. These are amazing!! Have you all ever thought about turning some of these prints into phone cases. Although you couldn’t really send a phone case a gift, your customers could purchase them as a way to buy into your brand. There are several that I would love to have as phone cases! You all are amazing. I love your product!

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