Wall Caught Up! These Gorgeous Prints Will Make You Rethink Your Stance on Wallpaper

Wall Caught Up! These Gorgeous Prints Will Make You Rethink Your Stance on Wallpaper

Wallpapering your home is a big commitment. What looks amazing in your head could turn out to be hideous on the other side, when you’re staring down a whole wall full of it.

It’s this fear that often makes us shy away from papering our homes in beautiful, unique prints. And you know Greetabl is all about beautiful, unique prints, so we’ve brought in some professional help to give you allllllllllll the wallpaper inspiration.

Lately (okay, always) we’ve been obsessing over interior designer Emily Henderson so we decided to take a page out of her style book and feature an element she does particularly well- wallpaper! We swooned at all of these patterns and we also swooned when Emily featured Greetabl as a top pick in her Holiday Gift Guide blog post, saying it’s an especially cute gift for clients! Thanks so much!

Okay, back to wallpaper now. As Emily has taught us through example, a key to complementing a bright, colorful print is light, simple furniture and accessories. Let’s get the inspo going with these amazing looks:

Pretty Pinks

This may be one of the most mezmerizing wallpaper patterns we’ve ever seen.

The. cutest. nursery. design. ever. Little baby bunny is going to feel right at home amongst a wall of fluffy friends! And um, did anyone else notice that the shoe collection is already on point? So sweet.

This design was for a Ban.do office, and we’re especially geeking out over it because we LOVE this brand! And because, well, look at it. Greetabl and Ban.do have partnered together in the past on limited edition prints and gifts, and it was seriously fun, so we’re not at all surprised to see how colorful and creative their space is!

Two words: floral fever. We’ve got it, and we don’t want the cure. All the vibrant color here is giving us major heart eyes! Not to mention how the large white dresser helps to balance everything out.

Cool Blues

More fabulous florals! Everything in this photo just works so well together. I don’t know about you, but I want that wallpaper and that blue lamp in my home ASAP. And the pop of yellow flowers ties it all together perfectly. Emily is a genius.

Is it just me, or is everyone getting major vacation vibes? We could all really use a set up like this in our homes. Because life is hard sometimes, and what better way to brighten it up with this palm perfect wall and a full stocked (and beautifully decorated, might I add) bar cart.

CAT LADIES, ASSEMBLE! This purrrrfect pattern has us feline some type of way.

Classically cool. Effortlessly chic. The dining room of our most #adulting dreams. There’s really not much more to say besides that we’re falling more in love with navy papered walls by the minute.

What happened, where are we? How did we get transported to this beautiful, tranquil blue pond covered in moonlit flowers? JK- I don’t even care. This view is too lovely to question.

Destination: Decoration!

That’s it for now, babes. What a fun tour! If you’re feeling fully inspired to embark on your own wallpaper or home design journey, check out Emily Henderson Studio’s portfolio for even more great ideas!

And keep in mind the important life lesson these prints have taught us, too. Take risks. Be bold and different. Let your true colors shine. We promise it’ll pay off!