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New Year's Gift Guide
New year, new reasons to celebrate! Forgot to send a holiday gift? Have some exciting new goals on the horizon? Want to start the year on a positive note? There are so many good reasons to send gifts in January! And this gift guide breaks down all the best ways to send New Year cheer
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Insider Exclusive: Custom Color Designs
Did you know that Greetabl Insider members can create custom color designs for their gifts? Choose a color that matches your branding, wedding colors, special event or occasion, or that’s just your fave to add a new level of personalization to your gift. It’s hex codes and color charts galore over here! Go crazy, you
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The Best Thank You Gifts: Thanksgiving Gift Guide
There’s a reason every-sitcom-ever has done a flashback Thanksgiving episode (you know, those episodes where they just show clips from a bunch of past episodes?). It’s because Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the past and count our blessings – and the best blessings of all are our people. I mean, Joey would
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Thanksgiving Client Gift Ideas
There’s no WRONG time to send a gift. (Seriously. Can not stress that enough). But…every basic #bossbabe sends client gifts during the holidays. Stand out from the crowd this year by sending Thanksgiving gifts to your clients. OR send both! We weren’t joking about that no-wrong-time thing.   During the holiday season, consumers are bombarded with bland, impersonal
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Surprise Without Delight is Just Spam
Surprise and delight go together like PB&J. And just like a jelly-only sandwich doesn’t top the list of best lunches, surprise isn’t enough on its own. These days, companies that don’t prioritize creating authentic relationships with their clients will have a hard time surviving. You need to surprise your clients throughout the entire customer journey,
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