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7 Things To Do (and Don’t!) During The 2020 Holiday Season
Traditions are what make the holiday season special. Without them, this time of year is only hallmarked by an obligation to see your distant relatives. Well, that and a weird old guy dressed in monochrome red. With them, it’s your countdown to flying home just in time for Christmas dinner. It’s your extended family’s annual
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How to Have the Best Virtual Cookie Exchange
If you’re anything like us, the annual cookie exchange party is an event you look forward to the entire year. It’s full of festive decor, yummy new treats, and of course, a classic holiday cocktail! Not to mention, it’s the official kick-off to the holiday season. Cookie exchanges are all about cookies (duh!), but they’re
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How to Have the Best Zoom Secret Santa Gift Exchange Party
We blinked and it’s somehow the end of 2020. Honestly, you guys – has this been the quickest year ever or the longest year ever? We cannot decide. Let us know your thoughts on that one. But either way, it’s already time to think about your annual holiday gift exchange.  As you begin to plan
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Team Greetabl's Ultimate Gift-Giving Checklist
Holiday gift-giving can be a stressful and grueling process. In the grocery store, you realize – I should really get our delivery person a gift. While taking a shower, you remember your distant co-worker got you something last holiday season. And man, it’s been a tough year for teachers. You should get them something extra
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Our Favorite St. Nick's Day Traditions
Ah, December 6th. (Does that mean anything to anyone?)Before I joined Team Greetabl, St. Nick’s Day was just a random holiday on my monthly calendar. You know the ones printed in the small font you kinda skim over? I never thought much about it, but I have learned we have some true enthusiasts of the
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