4 Ways Wedding Photographers Can Showcase Their Unique Brand Aesthetic

4 Ways Wedding Photographers Can Showcase Their Unique Brand Aesthetic

Alright, wedding photographers — this one’s for you! Have you ever taken a step back and thought about the different areas of your wedding photography business where your clients interact with you? 

No, we’re not just talking about your gorgeous website and when they receive their incredible final gallery from you. REALLY take a step back and think about every single touchpoint!

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Email communication
  • In-person communication
    • Pre-booking consult
    • During the actual wedding
    • Gallery reveal
  • Phone communication
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook + Instagram ads
  • Client gifts + snail mail 
  • Wedding guide/magazine

Now that you’ve identified these client touchpoints (and maybe more!), we want you to think about where and how your brand currently comes into play in each of these categories. Or, oops… maybe it’s not!? 😬

When it comes to your brand aesthetic specifically, we’re talking about the use of the visuals of your brand. Your consistent use of your logo, alternate logos, color palette, fonts, patterns — all the gorgeous things!

No matter which of these touchpoints your wedding clients interact with you through, they should all feel and look SUPER on-brand for your wedding photography business. This makes your brand strong, cohesive, and instantly recognizable. Whether it means using a consistent logo watermark on your gallery previews, creating on-brand visual graphics for online communication and ads, or even down to the signature you use to sign each and every one of your emails.

Needless to say, it’s crucial when owning a successful photography business that your brand is a part of every single client touchpoint.

So, don’t panic! We’re here to show you examples of how your brand aesthetic can easily be shown off across various touchpoints with your wedding photography clients. And, hey, we’re willing to bet there are a few you haven’t even thought about!

1. Greetabl gifts (duh!) right from the start — literally right after booking!
Set the stage for the best first impression! Who wouldn’t love getting a unique, personalized gift right after booking with you?! By using Greetabl, you can mix and match the perfect boxes and gift to fit your brand and your ideal client. It’s SO easy to do and will make the best first impression to your clients after they book your photography services. [If you’re interested in getting signed up for your photography brand, click here!]

2. Final deliverable boxes & photo delivery (colors of packaging, branded stickers, logo on USB, etc.)
Packaging colors, on-brand stickers, logos everywhere — oh my! That’s right. Any time you’re sending snail mail to your wedding clients, make sure that your brand is showcased. No, this doesn’t mean you have to slap your logo all over the box like wrapping paper, but little nods back to your brand will instantly allow any package sent to your clients to become recognizable as from you! This can come down to using your brand colors in the packaging (boxes, tape color, packing supplies), to using on-brand stickers on envelopes, even using your logo on a customized USB with their photos!

Examples of branded gifts.

3. Welcome magazine or bridal guide

Welcome magazines and/or bridal guides can really help your clients feel like they have everything they need in front of them and they’re not missing out on details! The more you can educate them, the better. There are SO many welcome magazine and bridal guide templates out there. (A few of our favorites are from The Savvy Marketing Co and Katelyn James!). Our biggest piece of advice? Whether you go the template route or custom design your welcome magazine, make sure your brand aesthetics are used! That’s right — the same font, logos, and colors that are on your website should also be within your magazine and all printed materials for clients. The more that a magazine like this can feel like a true extension of your brand, the better!

4. Bridal Show Details

From backdrops to table displays to canvases, your brand should be instantly recognizable at your local bridal shows if any of your potential couples have seen your website before! Before your next bridal show, make sure you’re using your logo, your color palette, and your fonts throughout any decor you have for your booth!

Images from a bridal show

Seeing why having your brand aesthetic on full-display can work SO incredibly well for your wedding photography business? Plus, the fact that you have Greetabl in your back pocket for unique and personalized gifts will only enhance that experience you provide to your wedding clients. Make sure they not only remember the incredible service they received from you, but that they can easily refer you to friends and family because of the strong impression your brand had on them!

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