Digging Deep this Holiday Season will Bring You the Perfect Client Gift Ideas

Digging Deep this Holiday Season will Bring You the Perfect Client Gift Ideas

You are a leader. Do it with compassion.

You’ve identified your value, learned to monetize your brilliance into something that fuels and sustains your business, and now you must leverage your resources effectively. For small business owners and solopreneurs, this often means finding a way to truly honor your clients – the life force for which your business would not exist – without squandering precious resources. 

You don’t need big budgets to achieve this. 

Unique and thoughtful client gifts are every bit as effective as a luxury or upscale client gift…and… if you do it right, they will know they are VIP. Remember, when it comes to the best inexpensive holiday gift ideas – it’s always quality that returns the best results. 

How to stand out in a crowded room

The holidays are loud and overwhelming. Where the cupboard once was bare, now there is an embarrassment of riches. Gifts are a dime a dozen…. so… How will yours be the one your clients remember?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Having a good run of repeat and referral-based business is all about staying top of mind.

You aren’t hiding the fact that you are a business and that it thrives on your client’s desire to purchase your services, but you can still broadcast your authenticity and the joy you have fulfilling your purpose. Acting with courage and integrity is the only way to win people over. Your clients are smart. They can tell if you are MONEY driven or EMPATHY driven, and they will choose someone who they trust will have their back every. time. 

Everyone on the planet wants to be seen, heard, and valued. 

If you can achieve this with your holiday client gifts, you will wow them every time. Move over expensive, luxury, upscale client gifts. The time for that is OVER. There is a new kid in town. 

Get over yourself. This isn’t about YOU.

It’s about the fact that you took the time to get to know your client, and how you communicate your compassion for them in a thoughtful and personalized way. 

The holidays arrive at the end of the year– a great opportunity for reflection. And while reflecting on your business, look for the players that have acted in your most positive experiences, and have brought you the most gratitude. It’s not about you, it’s about the service that you provide for others and the pride you feel when you know you’ve been given the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. YOU are the lucky one who gets to do the work you love with clients who trust you to be of service to them.

Feeling all ooey gooey yet? If not, dig deeper.

When you are bursting with gratitude for your VIP clients, you will know exactly what to get them. The message will be clear. You want them to feel as valuable as they are. 

Gifts are a force of reflection.

They are the kicks that inspire momentum in your business.

A great business owner believes in their clients as much as they do themselves and sees how unsuccessful they would be without them. The RIGHT gift can fill an emptiness that neither a discount nor a marketing stunt can fill. When designing a gift, you want something that says more than the standard “thanks for the business.” You want the message to be that you genuinely enjoy working with them. 

There are a million ways to do it wrong.

And … unfortunately….there are so many businesses that DO. We’re here to help you avoid that trap. While a good client gift can improve business, a BAD one can hurt business— almost worse than not giving a gift at all. A rushed or thoughtless gift can ruin a good client relationship. 

Know the difference between a thoughtful gift and marketing collateral. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Many businesses will put their logo on EVERYTHING, send it out and call it a gift.  That is not a gift. A gift is something thoughtful for the recipient. This also goes for discount codes, or even a “freebie” to sample your business. If it’s a ploy to get them to BUY more — and “upsell” — they will see right through it to your agenda. Besides the fact that many holiday discounts end up in the trash and will prove to be an unwise investment for your business. 

Gift Ideas for Client Teams

These gift ideas are sure to WOW and be remembered – and ESPECIALLY great for vendor groups, marketing groups, and publishing teams. 

  • Turn an ordinary gift — such as a fruit basket, or muffin basket — into something meaningful — simply by personalizing it and drawing attention to each member of the team in some creative way. 
  • Another idea is to attach a thank you note that addresses each of the team members BY NAME or you may choose to creatively display the different names of the team members in a decorative fashion. 
  • Finally, if you want to get REALLY personal, you can choose to send them each a smaller personal delivery that was part of a bigger package, like an ol’ fashioned Santa Delivery bag filled with presents specific to each person on the team.
  • Another great idea for a team is to send them something that they can experience TOGETHER. Along with a meaningful note, buy them a catered lunch, surprise the team with one big spa day, or send them a fun team-building experience- such as an escape room, or a few hours on an outdoor rope course together. 

This is also a great opportunity to schedule something for them AFTER the madness of the holidays— further placing you apart from all the other gifts that sadly get forgotten. Which brings us to our next point:

Creative timing for Client Gifts can make a HUGE difference in what a client will remember and feel is more meaningful than others. Sending a gift just after the holidays… mid-January… is a great way to make YOUR gift more memorable for all the right reasons. 

Greetabl Gift Boxes may be quick, easy and inexpensive… but they are FILLED with thoughtfulness.
Image of Greetabl gift assortment

Even if your services are on the higher end, with an inexpensive option like a Greetabl Holiday Gift box, you can stretch your budget even further by sending them out more often than you might otherwise be able to afford. All occasions are welcome! Gifts can be to say “thank you for the referral,” or “thank you for your large order” or just “we just really love working with you!” 

…AND… it will always be more personal than a fancy and expensive gift basket that you quickly ordered without much thought. 

You can easily scale a Greetabl gift up or down depending on the size of your business, and the TYPE of client gift you’d like to send— making it even more customized for the individual. Every detail is created with your client in mind— from the decorative box of your choosing to the sincerely written personal letter inside. This is an opportunity to show your client how much you KNOW them and how well you have listened to them over the years. For example, knowing that your client celebrates another holiday other than Christmas is deeply earnest and heartfelt. 

Image of winter-themed Greetabl gift.
Never underestimate the power of a thoughtfully handwritten note.

What if your business can’t afford to give holiday gifts this year? You may be a solo entrepreneur with a very low operating budget (NOTHING to be ashamed of, by the way…)

…Or… your business may have had a tough year financially (You certainly wouldn’t be alone… especially in 2020!)

…Or… you may have just launched your new business and haven’t yet acquired a budget to include gifts for clients… EVEN the most inexpensive gifts (hey… we get it! Sometimes every dollar counts!)  

The most important thing to remember is that you should not let a single moment pass you by to let someone know that they’ve mattered to you and made a difference. If email is all you have to work with… then your words are the most powerful tools you’ve got. Email does not have to be boring and impersonal. It can mean a great deal to the person receiving it –if it’s done right

It may seem counterintuitive to say this, but GENERIC and INEXPENSIVE is more than okay when looking for unique gifts to give to your clients this holiday season. When you attach a well thought out note that genuinely reflects how well you know your client, and how much you value them… suddenly ANY gift you send will take a back seat to your priceless letter

No matter what your budget, make it a priority to understand WHO you are buying for. It goes back to what we said before: Everyone wants to be SEEN, HEARD, and VALUED.

When you can truly grasp this and apply it to your everyday business practice, you will not only win over a life-time client, but there will be more to follow. Happy clients can’t help but talk about you to their friends and colleagues…resulting in new business referrals….which is the greatest gift of all to a small business!  

You can’t BUY advertising or publicity nearly as powerful as a genuine word of mouth. Even more reason to let your heart lead the way when looking for client holiday gifts ideas! It’s a SNOW brainer 😉