3 Stories on Saving Time, Saving Money, and Growing Your Business

3 Stories on Saving Time, Saving Money, and Growing Your Business

If the amazing feeling you get from receiving an excited ‘thank you!’ text or email from your happy client isn’t enough, here are three stories of tangible results that come from focusing on client gifting.

We’re talking saving time, saving money and growing your business (all pretty important ones!).

1. Amber’s story: Saving Time

As a realtor, Amber could not legally spend over $50 on client referral thank you gifts, but tries spend more than $25 for tax purposes.

It was difficult to find something that hit her exact price point that still felt unique and personal, but most of all, felt like a quality gift. In Amber’s own words,

“Every gift I tried before Greetabl felt really uninspired.”

Amber Galligan, Towers Realty

Once Amber found Greetabl, a lightbulb went off. It was able to check off every box she needed, and left her recipients feeling valued.

And with her gifting time cut down from one hour to under ten minutes, Amber has gained so much time back to devote to her business.

2. Ashley’s story: Saving Money

Ashley is the owner of her own travel agency specializing in destination weddings, and was looking for a way to show her couples and other customers how much they mean to her.

She searched and searched for the perfect gift, but she was left with a lack-luster feeling that nothing she was sending really seemed worth the investment.

“Gift baskets are so impersonal – the stuff in them [can sometimes feel like] junk. What you guys provide is much better quality, and so great for the price.”

Ashley Morrison, Alpaca Your Bags travel

After discovered Greetabl, Ashley now saves an average of $40 per gift, and she is able to feel secure that her clients receive a quality product that represents her brand and level of care.

3. Alina’s story: Growing Your Business through Shares and Referrals

Wedding photographer, Alina, realized she wanted to strengthen her client relationships with gifts. And she knew she needed client gifts that delivered a lot of bang for her buck!

At first she tried making things herself, but it was time consuming to invest that much personal effort into a gift that’s going to get a ‘WOW’ factor from clients. Then Alina found Greetabl, and now she sends out gifts in minutes that get a reaction every time!

I look at Greetabl as a marketing tool now.

Alina Thomas, Alina Thomas Photography

Since switching to Greetabl, over half of Alina’s brides share their gift on social media AND she’s received direct referral business from these shares!

When new business is coming in because of your gifting strategy, I think we can agree, more bang for your buck has been achieved,

Their Secret Weapon

These success stories have something else in common (other than their expertise in delighting clients).

All three of business owners are part of Greetabl’s Insider Pro program! That means they get:

  • Their own custom, branded print and insert card
  • Up to $60 in credit back per year
  • Free shipping and next day turnaround on all orders
  • Saved gift templates
  • Exclusive shop full of Insider-only gifts
  • Contacts upload from their favorite CRM
  • Priority customer support

If you want to make the easy decision to save time, save money and grow your business through gifting like Amber, Ashley and Alina all did, sign up today!