Surprise Without Delight is Just Spam

Surprise Without Delight is Just Spam

Surprise and delight go together like PB&J. And just like a jelly-only sandwich doesn’t top the list of best lunches, surprise isn’t enough on its own. These days, companies that don’t prioritize creating authentic relationships with their clients will have a hard time surviving. You need to surprise your clients throughout the entire customer journey, but more importantly than that, you need to surprise them with truly delightful customer experiences.

Customers and clients crave authenticity. They can spot a marketing tactic from a mile away, which makes it a lot harder to grow your business. Today’s consumers value good relationships with the brands they choose. That can be a major asset for your business, as long as you invest in personal relationships with your clients. Showing a client or prospective client that you care about them goes a lot further than them seeing an ad for your business – so, if you prioritize surprise and delight, you will stand out from a sea of competitors (even if they spend more than you do on advertising!).

Not All Surprises Are Good

Many entrepreneurs make the critical mistake of trying to surprise their clients without considering if the experience will be truly delightful. And, honestly, it’s an easy mistake to make! After all, surprising someone is a lot easier than delighting them. There are millions of ways to make your marketing and customer experience surprising…but (as anyone who’s been to a haunted house can attest) not all surprises are good. *Shudders*

We’ve all seen ads that surprised us but had little to no positive impact on how we viewed the brand or product. (Sometimes, the most surprising ads actually have a negative impact on our perceptions.) That’s why it’s important to make sure that you understand your audience and that you make surprise and delight efforts a priority — NOT just surprising advertisements.

Surprise Without Delight Isn’t Effective

Without both surprise and delight, you won’t get the full benefit of your new marketing and customer experience strategy. That means you’ll invest a lot of time, money, and energy into developing something that doesn’t actually work to its full potential.

It’s important to make sure that you keep the customer at the center of your surprise and delight strategy. At the end of the day, if a tactic isn’t going to make your customer feel appreciated, remembered, or seen, it’s not going to have much impact for your business. Customers are looking for authenticity from your brand, so make sure that your surprise and delight efforts show them that you authentically care about them as people (not just as profit centers).

Why spend time and money investing in something that doesn’t directly bring new customers in the door? Or, that doesn’t increase the loyalty of current ones? First of all, it’s just more fun to go to work when you have happy customers. But more importantly for your bottom line – happy customers bring new customers in the door! When you focus on creating amazing experiences, people will refer you to their network (without being asked!). 

Delight your customers and you will win their loyalty for life and turn them into advocates for your brand. There’s really nothing more powerful than that! 

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