Step up and Stand Out with Unique Corporate Gifts

Step up and Stand Out with Unique Corporate Gifts

We are truly living in a generation of possibilities. If you want to bring your career home and be your own boss, the world is embracing it now more than ever. Whether you have invented a product, conceptualized a must-need service, or simply want to join a ready-made direct sales team– opportunities are abundant! 

The one thing that every business needs to keep going? CLIENTS. Without them, you may as well pack it up and go home.

Everyone has a story. When spoken from the heart, your story will sell. 

Your spark and enthusiasm is your calling card. Transparency is trending. Share yourself —and your clients will never want to let you go. Your employees will never want to leave you. Transparency will always Transcend.

Small Businesses Rejoice! 

We have a choice as entrepreneurs. We can either learn to do it all ourselves without ever hiring ANYONE else to help us (which is ENTIRELY possible!!) or we can INVEST in others’ and their belief in us. 

The challenge is knowing which investments will really give us a return and which will keep us chasing our tails without ever making a profit.

You’ve come a loooong way since you first started up your entrepreneurial adventure, and getting to where you are wouldn’t have been possible with the help of others. You know who they are. 

Those who gave you seed money. 

Those who covered for you while you burned the midnight oil. 

Those who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself.

Those who took a chance and became your first clients. 

Those clients who loved you so much they brought you NEW CLIENTS.

Those who worked for you and treated your business like it was their own.

Whew! You have quite a list of people to thank! 

…and now you can easily show them all your sincere appreciation without burning through your entire small business budget. 

When you are more generous with yourself and others, the world is more generous to you.

Get your message out into the world more effectively with your generosity and this will translate to serving more clients as well as increasing your business prosperity. 

Image of open Greetabl gift

These foundational business practices will empower you to achieve your ideal success — and stay in alignment with what is most practical for you as the boss of YOU. Use the generosity code of conduct to help your clients say “Yes!” to you.

You are successful because your clients gave you the opportunity to fill an existing need.

Give your unique clients a unique gift that shows them what they mean to you. 

Image of open Greetabl gift, glasses, and candle.

There are dreamers and then there are DOERS. Many small-business owners were born by turning a struggle into a solution. Their darkest hours and most challenging moments become the seeds in which the germ of an idea eventually blossomed.

Filling an existing need means knowing how to align your personal attributes — your skills, your talents, your visions, your resources— with providing a service to your clients.

Your clients are the life force of your services. Without them you would be pounding the pavement without any results. 

Image of open Greetabl gift and candle

Much of the self-employment revolution came about from a renaissance of ideas and a need for change. Creative fulfillment became a new priority and so did exceptional customer service. 

And as a brain-child of a new enterprise, you will likely reinvent yourself and your brand many times over. Showing gratitude for others almost always ensures that you navigate your path to an abundance of relationships. Go on, exceed their expectations, stay fueled by passion, and CELEBRATE YOUR LITTLE WINS with little boxes of happiness. 

Being a small-business owner will almost definitely bring out your most INTENSE qualities.

And… who could blame you??

You are busy, passionate and BRUTALLY DETERMINED to bring massive value to the world with your products and services. Giving an inexpensive client gift broadcasts a subtle message that reminds them they are more than a business transaction- THEY ARE VIP CLIENTS.

YOUR CLIENTS ARE AhhhhhhhMAZING. And so are these creative client gifts.

While you’re at it, show some gratitude to your hard-working employees and vendors. 

Image of Crushing It Pin

This Little Pin is a Gesture That Says it all. 

Let your people know that they are totally and completely crushing it with this 1.25″ black and gold enamel lapel pin. Pairs well with: employee (and vendor!) appreciation, big promotions, and major accomplishments.

Image of You are Magic Keychain

Compliments Look Better on Keychains! This 3″ keychain is a Greetabl original, made with your recipients in mind, pairs perfectly with amazing clients and hard-working vendors.

It was your vision that began it all. It was everyone else that kept it going. You’ve accomplished a lot. Let the best corporate gift ideas come from us. 🙂