The Happiest Birthday Gift Guide For All Your BFFs

The Happiest Birthday Gift Guide For All Your BFFs

This year, you won’t forget another birthday, because we. have. got. you. covered. These custom birthday gift boxes are so easy it’s not even funny. 

We admit it. Greetabl Birthday Gift Boxes are the laziest (but most thoughtful and fun!!) way to create your own birthday gift boxes for girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, and more. 

These unique ideas are ageless and fathomless. No matter who you want to wish a Happy Birthday, somewhere in this gift guide your most unique friends are uniquely represented. 

For the Long Distance (or social distance) Party Peep

A little bit of confetti goes a long way!

This fun and festive gift box says LET’S CELEBRATE YOU! Don’t stop there. Throw in a mini pinata, and you’ve set your buddy a one-of-a-kind-mini-party. (Ain’t no Birthday Card in the mail gonna top this!

This 4×4 inch little pinata cutie comes fully assembled out of sturdy 110b card stock and brightly-colored, quality tissue paper. Plus the lil’ guy has a trap door that you can fill with goodies, a little note or a gift! These piñatas are filled with confetti, but they’d still be adorable all on their own!

This Rainbow Link Balloon Garland comes with 25 balloons that tie together. It’s the perfect party in a box for the times you can’t be there to celebrate in person.

For the Birthday Lover! 

Pretty much everyone likes birthdays — but some people REALLY love them… so much they’d marry it if they could. Every year, they get fanatical for their special day (and they expect you to join in with the same enthusiasm every year!). They’ll be ga-ga over this impossibly cute birthday gift box.

Is there anything better than the sweet scent of cake? We think not. It’s a birthday party in a jar! This Birthday Cake Mini Soy Candle is the perfect way to celebrate someone’s special day from a distance. Almost as good as the real thing… but without the calories. This delicious candle will BEG to stay lit year ‘round. 

For your Sister, Best Friend, or Cousin

Whether you’re across the country and need to send love from afar, or you’re meeting up for drinks as we speak, celebrate their birthday with some colorful sprinkles and this cheerful gift box!

This pairs nicely with some sweet treats (matching sprinkled sweet goodness!) or a bit ‘o essential oil therapy. We got you covered on those as well 😉

If you aren’t sure what to send? You can’t ever go wrong with these Mini-Frosted Oreos. Sprinkles make EVERYTHING BETTER. Always. The only thing better than an Oreo is an Oreo dipped in white chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. 

Image of Mini Frosted Oreos in a bowl

These Mini-Essential Oils are ESSENTIAL in self-care. A birthday favorite for her, for the frequent flyer, or the frequently needed immune boost (achooo!), these mini oil roll-ons are therapeutic grade, cold-pressed and steam distilled …and ready to use the moment they arrive. 

Image of Essential Oil Roll On Set

Birthday cake and candy all rolled into one? Yes. It’s true and it’s TRULY scrumptious. These little Birthday Cake Caramels have been dipped in creamy white chocolate and topped with a perfect little party of rainbow confetti sprinkles. Plenty to share… (but WHY would you do that?)

Image of Birthday Cake Caramels

For the Busy Birthday Peep

Here is a great Birthday HINT to send out to your busy bestie who never seems to make time for herself… (if she’s a Mom… that TOTALLY makes sense). Trust us, she needs pampering. Pronto. In fact, if you don’t remind her, she may not even remember her own birthday! Demand that she take some time for herself to rest and relax with this delicious bath bomb to celebrate herself. 

For The Office Fanatic

This birthday design will be an instant hit for all your Michael Scott obsessed comrades. Perfect for clients and coworkers, help them celebrate their birthday the way they do in Scranton. By the way, if your boyfriend doesn’t already LOVE The Office (and this great birthday gift box) you may want to introduce him to Dwight Shroot.

For the Classic Birthday

Classic and cheerful, this gift box is a wonderful reminder of another year lived… and lived well. For your most fabulous friends, pair it with something fun — any one of these gifts will do!

Celebrate every little thing in a big way with these Tiny Birthday Cupcake Toppers. Whether a first or a fortieth birthday, these laser-cut, reusable wood cupcake picks are perfect to add that extra detail to your next celebration. Each set includes three picks, including a balloon, party hat and a candle!

Brand them with a Birthday Pin so there won’t be any question who the special person is for the day. This candle can’t get blown out, and no one can eat it by accident.