Long Distant (and Socially Distant!) Birthday Ideas for 2020

Long Distant (and Socially Distant!) Birthday Ideas for 2020

If you’re looking for a unique way to send some birthday love across the miles, look no further. These days, a friend down the street can feel just as far away as one that is clear across the country. 

We’re all about making the most out of these disruptive times (because really… what else can you do??) That is why we’ve come up with some extra special and unique ways to celebrate a friend’s trip around the sun– when the long-distance (and social distance) prevents you from giving them an annual birthday hug. 

Online Birthday Ideas

Before the internet, a long-distance birthday phone call might cost you a week’s salary, but not anymore. Thanks to the digital age, there are so many ways to make someone’s birthday super special online– and the options are fairly inexpensive, if not free. You’ve got great tools at your fingertips — so let’s get them moving!

🥳   Online Cocktail Hour – send out mini-party boxes (hats, balloons, and party horns!) and connect to friends in different locations using Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Bonus points for having a bottle of wine delivered to the guest of honor for the surprise celebration!

🥳   Birthday Videos – Gather up the digital birthday messages and edit them together for one long video they can watch the morning they wake up a year older.

🥳   Birthday Poetry Hour – Got a creative group of friends? Ode to Birthday Boy….

Unique Birthday Deliveries

Do you believe in the emotional power of food? (Um, for sure.) When you are craving a taste of home there is no better gift than having ready-made comfort food sent directly from your favorite city. Goldbelly delivers authentic cuisine from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Austin, or Philadelphia. 

Mailable Birthday Gifts

Send a Greetabl gift. C’mon, you didn’t think we could leave this one out? Greetabl makes it easy to send unique and personal gifts your people will love, especially for birthdays! Check out our birthday gift guide and how-to on birthday personalization.

Socially Distant Birthday Parties

Unusual times call for unusual measures. These local Birthday celebration ideas have become all the rage in a pandemic world… and will likely be the most memorable.

Socially Distant Dance Party – got a big yard or driveway? Blast your favorite tunes, mark socially distant dance boxes, and DANCE. IT. OUT.

Caravan Birthday Parade– We see these creative celebrations popping up all over the country and the trend is not old yet! A guaranteed way to bring smiles to any birthday kid, any age! 🚙 🚗

Birthday Serenade – If you’ve got the music, don’t let a little virus keep you from expressing it! Sing from their yard, or gather the choir and sing online. Either way, it will be a birthday musical performance to remember. 🎵

Movie Night – There is nothing like laughing with a friend during a film. KAST is a service that allows you to watch and screen movies with your friends at the same time. Make this occasion extra unique with a Movie Night Care-package! 

Birthday Broadway Baby

Theatre lovers won’t want to miss this! Ticket prices are low and this year you don’t need to cover airfare or lodging. Happy Birthday Doug is a new production filmed entirely in quarantine, based on the off-Broadway smash hit! It is a wicked and wild celebration of modern gay culture, with tons of laughs… and tons of wine.