Nothing –and we mean NOTHING –brings about a jolt of positive energy like a well-thought-out unexpected gift. Give your friends and loved ones an extra dose of pazzaz by celebrating THEM with these exploding gift ideas.

There’s nothing to it, really! Let’s face it, the art of surprise gift-giving has become a creative craze, and we are all about reinforcing that trend. These days people are making surprises out of anything…and for ANY occasion. And best of all, catching someone off guard in a whimsical way doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. In most cases, all you need is some posterboard and a desire for daring bravely into the unknown.

Surprises are imaginative and thoughtful.

Whether lavishing a new-hire’s desk at work (Welcome to the Team!)… or making a poster on a dorm room door (Welcome to the PARTAY Floor!!) these unanticipated whammys are certainly SQUEAL-worthy! (and Insta-worthy!)

Image of woman blowing confetti out of hands.

Bring the boom in the box.

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, plan ahead and order a Greetabl Box for the big shazam. Leave the little box of happiness where it’s sure to be seen.. Front doorstep. Locker. Laptop. Driver’s seat. Underwear drawer. (Hey… anywhere you know they won’t miss it — and will least expect it!) 

Don’t Stop There!

Surprises aren’t surprises when we are expecting to celebrate the the trick is to catch them off guard with a clever plot twist that will put M. Night Shyamalan to shame. Pack it in a prank box or Strategize the ‘ol Switcheroo by masking it in a container that commonly holds something else. (uuuuuh, thanks honey… I always wanted a glow-in-the-dark tambourine… OH! Hey! Movie Tickets!!

Who says you need an actual reason to plan an unforgettable ambush? There are no rules here… 

Out-of-the-blue-versarys are all the rage! First-date-versary. First fight-versary. (First kiss-and-make-up-versary!)  Build-your-own-versary for any occasion with a little imagination and resourcefulness. And don’t forget the candles.

Terrific Treats for a Terrific Guy or Gal

Hire a masseur or masseuse come to the house and surprise your honey with a box of decant treats for a little living room picnic complete with wine, cheese, chocolate and Scrabble.  

Send something yummy that he doesn’t usually allow himself to indulge in…and then take the time to enjoy the surprise WITH him. (I SCREAM!!!)

Baby Bombs 

For the soon-to-be- Dad: Wrap up the positive pregnancy test in a bow and have a waiter deliver it on a plate at your favorite restaurant. Surprise the soon-to-be older siblings with a box of pink or blue helium balloons (or in some cases…both!). Name them official grandparents with their first customized t-shirts or matching mugs. Take a family photo with the sonogram…and don’t forget to include the dogs.

Let’s go even further down the DIY rabbithole…

Treasure Hunts

Create your own clues that will uncover puzzle pieces. Solving it reveals a destination– a restaurant, a park bench, or even a surprise mini-vacay. 

Surprise Symbolism

Need a more clever way to give a plane ticket? Wrap up a toy airplane with a map of the destination. In lieu of concert tickets, wrap up a poster of the music group.  Tickets to Hamilton? Wrap up a $10 bill. 

Surprise Experiences

Has your honey always dreamed of being a rock star? Or a Broadway singer? Set the stage, hire a band or pianist…invite all their friends…and surprise them with a mini-concert …starring THEM! 

Punch it up with Butterflies, Balloons… or Baloney(Kidding. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Ahem.)